Spring Cleaning: 68 Domain Names for Sale!

Written By bryanboy

040207_domainsSpring Cleaning: 68 Domain Names for Sale!

On a totally unrelated, off-topic matter, I’m gonna plug my little domain name sale. You see, I’ve been collecting hundreds of domain names over the years — I think I have anywhere between 800-900 domain names with various registrars (a huge chunk of them are with GoDaddy … and please, for the life of god, don’t even get me started with Registerfly… that company is in the shambles) and to be honest with you, more than 95% of them are just sitting around somewhere, gathering dust. I’m sure someone else could benefit from such domain names so what the hell, why not sell them?

Click click click!

If you are interested, please fill out your name and your email address on the form below and you’ll receive via email a list of domain names I have available for sale. It’s just a small list — you know how I’m a selfish hoarder and I have problems parting away with things because of some crazy emotional attachment. Anyway, I’m not gonna list the domain names on my website for obvious privacy reasons (maybe the potential buyer want to keep the transaction private), also, the information may change often (i.e. if someone purchased a domain name then obviously I have to remove that name from the pool) blah blah blah, yaddi yaddi yadda.

Some of the highlights on my domain sale, for instance, are www.dailyproblem.com, www.twohoursfree.com and www.onehourfree.com – think of the opportunities you can do with those domain names, especially if you’re a service provider/consultant of some sort.

By entering your email address, you authorize me, Bryanboy, to send you an email with a list of my current domain names for sale. This is a ‘one-off’ email. Under no circumstances I will share/rent/sell your personal information to any third party.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but there are 68 domains on that list… all of which are registered with GoDaddy . My start-off selling price is US$50 per domain name — if you are interested in buying any of the names on that list, just shoot me a note with amount you’re willing to pay (offer) and I’ll decide whether or not your offer is good (based on offers I get from other people — if any).


Half of the proceeds (minus payment processor fees & commissions etc.) from my little domain name sale are going to be donated to my fave, fave, fave charity in the world, Trickle Up, an organization focusing on helping the less fortunate by jumpstarting their own small businesses. I said it before many, many times and I’ll say it again… I’m all for entrepreneurship!

If you don’t want to purchase any of my domain names, be sure to visit their website, www.trickleup.org, and make a donation. Every little bit of help counts. :)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. Entrepreneurship– all the way. I run my own company and I wouldn’t have it any other way, seriously. Your domains are going to end up being a great investment, if I wasn’t so young a few years ago, I would have bought hundreds myself just to sell them years later.
    Virtual real estate, anyone?

  2. I’m so proud of you Bryan boy for that noble act of donating to charity.. I know you are a biatch but deep inside you lies a beautiful beautiful soul…

  3. queen of the nile

    Bryan,Bryan, Bryan!!! It’d be interesting if you did a post on Philippine’s Next Top Model. Have yseen it? It’s on RPN every Tuesday @ 8.30pm. I don’t even know where to start with that horrid rip-off of ANTM. Some of the finalists look like they graduated from the school of Palenkera Rejects. Instead of “Tyra Mail!” they have “Ruffa Text!”; IMO, y’couple that off with the other disappointments in the show (see: the first photoshoot; the way they awkwardly use the word “fierce”; the way the panel of judges talk to the contestants like kids, et. al ), and you’d really see that Top Model has been cheapened. I can’t stand it, and I cringe everytime I come across it on TV. :cc Seems kind of hopeless. They should either improve on eveything or forget about another PNTM cycle. What’s your take on it? :

  4. Steps up out of poverty? How much of this goes to you, honey? I mean, how long have you been wearing the same pair of shoes? More than a fucking week, bryan, what’s wrong with you? Imelda would be very disappointed.

  5. lovelygal

    hi bryanboy or anyone,
    can you give me some info on the best and cheap travel agencies in Manila? We live in the states and one of my friends needs to buy ticket from the Philippines to USA for her mom. Thanks!
    ps : bryanboy you’re fabulous!

  6. “Ruffa Text!” — LOL! I would love to see programs from international television stations. Things like American Idol in the Middle East make me crackup.

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