Pictionary Primetime: Garden Party

Written By bryanboy

Pictionary Primetime: Garden Party

I can’t think of a suitable title for today’s pictionary primetime so whatevs. Blah. God. Yesterday was insane!!! I had soo many things on my plate (more on that later) and I’m one big crazy mess. Anyway, I promised y’all pictures so here goes. I hope you enjoy this batch. Yes, I know. I know I’m one of those people who throw promises left and right but never actually fulfills them so I want to change that. My life is a perpetual work in progress. I’m sure y’all understand.

Ready for Pictionary Primetime? Click click click!

It’s amazing. Really.

To be honest with you, I’m not THAT ecstatic with today’s pictionary. Well… I *AM* happy, of course, it’s just that I sorta feel weird, that’s all. My poses and angles are kinda wrong. Oh… and it was 35-36 degrees celcius OUTSIDE!!!!!! Personally, I prefer my stars and stripes pictionary. That was really gorgeous.

I didn’t have that much time to prepare because I was late. I arrived at my friend’s place at 3PM, changed outfits, took pictures here and there, changed again, then left. We finished everything in less than 30 minutes.

You can tell I was such in a hurry because I did the same mistake I did before — I forgot to remove my socks and I ended up wearing em INSIDE my tights!!!!

I look different, no? Very matronic class, I think. The fabulous dress, designed by Mich Dulce (along with the hat and the lovely bag) is extremely feminine. The shoes are from Chloe, bling bling sunglasses from Valentino.

I think I’ll stick to clothes and accessories that I can pull off best — androgyny. What do you think?

Enough blather. Let’s play pictionary, shall we?

As always, email me and tell me you love me. Y’all should know my email address by now — bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

Remember kids: keep the faggotry alive!

I love you all!


  1. you’re arms are getting rather thin… I think this is about as thin as you should strive for. thinner would be too skeleton like.
    buuuuuuuut. fab dress!

  2. Bryan!! Good God!! EAT SOMETHING!! You’ve moved beyond thin and into Skeletor country!! Honey! Please! You’re wayyyyy tooo good looking to let the so-skinny-I-can-play-xylophone-on-her-ribs white girl disease to happen to you. Put a couple more pounds on. I promise you’ll still be the hot bitch that you are! Promise!!

  3. Tsk Tsk Tsk

    I hope those arms are photo-shopped… you looked like an anorexic and/or a Holocaust victim. Not sexy. Be healthy, you are a too nice looking person to destroy yourself this way.

  4. Bryan, stop playing with Photoshop or whatever picture editing program you use to make your arms look anorexic skinny. It’s not attractive!!!

  5. Dear bryan:
    We love anorexic arms but not FAKE ARMS, stop playing with you photoshop and show us who you really are, someone short, kinda fat and heavy ugly.

  6. You should’ve removed your socks!! It makes you look like you have cankles!! It’s not proportional to your arms…Eeewww!

  7. Seems like I’m not the only one who noticed your photoshopped arms! The fourth picture under the cut’s the most obvious, your jaw’s demented.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks BB looks chic?
    Some of the pics look a bit ‘off’ but it could be just the way he posed.
    Don’t listen to the haters BB! PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FLAWS!!!! Lose a little bit of weight and watch the photoshop accusations fly. Try to gain some of it back and they’ll tell you you got fat!
    People eh?
    Keep doing what you’re doing! You look fantastic!

  9. I love the bag.
    I hate the hat.
    I love the dress.
    I hate the sunglasses.
    I love the shoes.
    I hate the tights.

  10. I’m not against you photoshopping your pictures, just learn how to do it better betch. Also, “y’all”??? What are you, from butt fuck America or something? Or even worse, Trent from PITNB?



  12. stop photoshopping your arms and cheekbones!!!! you look much better au naturale :P

  13. papichulo, u r a trip!!! thinner people from asia??? beyaaatch, GET A CLUE!!!

  14. BB, nice pics but fake arms! You hated receiving photoshopped pics and yet you keep doin it to achieve perfection. Show the real you so you’ll receive honest opinion about your body. Since I was a kid, I thought I’m skinny but now I feel fat too after being addicted to your blog.I’m currently 94 lbs and used to strive very hard to achieve at least 100 lbs so I won’t look anorexic. See how your blog changes people’s self-preception? Am now watching my diet,extra effort going to the gym doing kickboxing, spin class, belly-dancing, lifting weights and in-between, playing badminton so I won’t be more than 94 lbs, hahaha!

  15. stupid people

    stupid stupid stupid people are you blind? this is another ploy from ‘planet earth’s favorit third world attention seeker tranny’ named bryanboy. the more you post comments the more he is going to be talked about, the more attention he gets. don’t fall for his tactics. he may not say it but WE KNOW he loves when you try to put him down. his 15 minutes of e-fame will be up when people stop paying attention to him… but until stupid people like you fall for his ploys, fake scandals and blatantly fabricated tricks, his carousel won’t stop turning.

  16. I thought you hate being white. Why do you look pale in your pictures? Are you using skin whitening products too?

  17. almost_libelous

    BRYAN! Leche! Pamatay the arms. But I’m sorry they’re fake. By the way, I’m here in KL now and my oh my YOU HAVE FANS HERE!
    Whenever I go out with some cool and very chica Malaysians, upon learning that Im Filipino, they always ask me about Bryanboy! They love you to death!

  18. Photoshop your cankles!! Your calf seamlessly blends your calf with your ankles so it does not look like you have any ankles! And that my friend is not chic!
    Or next time, remove your socks! Love ya anyways :)

  19. virgina wolf

    It’s about time you come up with answers. This blog entry explains why:
    1. you’re always “busy”
    2. the lack of recent pictures
    Don’t fool us with your ridiculous pill thrills and wannarexic tirades.
    You had AWFUL plastic surgery!
    Nose job? Fat jabs? Mesolipo?

  20. panda_eats_shoots_leaves

    This is one of the things i came here for-pictures from the Philippines.
    :)) :))

  21. if your pics are not photochopped. no human should have arms as digusting as those.

  22. if your pics are not photochopped. no human should have arms as disgusting as those.

  23. Long-time lurker here.
    I have to say it’s quite funny how everyone got all riled up with brian’s new pictures.
    This is just a blog for christ’s sake!
    /rant over

  24. wala akong pakialam sa inyong lahat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BB is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope my arms get as thin as that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I always always always love primetime pictionary!!!!!!!!!!
    and to the haters: DIE OF JEALOUSY!!!!!

  25. Nina D' Lizard

    Photoshopped holocuast arms!!!! But knowing how to photoshop is a talent, as well as knowing how to pose, and to pose in the street (Tycoon building huh!). The dress is fab, the hat is fab, the shoes too.
    You’re entertaining.

  26. yeah i agree with the crowd, you are not fooling anybody with these photoshopped pictures. it is important to be honest, bryan! plus, you wouldn’t want your “fans” to overlook you, thinking you are something that you aren’t in public now would you?

  27. BryanB., we love you like we love Anna.W, but stop with the photoshopping okay? or at least OWN UP TO IT!


    aw, i like the site, but do u think we’re that dumb..? stop the photo chopping, or atleast make it look natural, u don’t look thin u look deformed :/
    love you

  29. aw, i like the site, but do u think we’re that dumb..? stop the photo chopping, or atleast make it look natural, u don’t look thin u look deformed :/
    love you

  30. christian blasurca

    hey BB why dont you be a motivational speaker for weight watchers you can teach malnourished Asians and Africans that its ok to be dying of starvation as long as your thinspirational….of course most of them are fugly so it would be rare to see them on the cover of a magazine unless its national geographics…

  31. next time, when u edit ur arms, legs, face… pls include ur nose as well. that’s the only part of ur body that didn’t lose weight!

  32. carrie b


  33. hey BB, you look hideous! your photoshopped pictures made me laugh.. stop trying to be anorexic. you eat a lot and u know better.

  34. Oh please. You try too hard and it’s not pretty. These pictures look totally photoshop-ed.

  35. Oh please. You try too hard and it’s not pretty. These pictures look totally photoshop-ed.

  36. god damn, bb. not ‘y’all.’ that’s trailer trash. and stop editing your extremities and profile. you’re gorgeous enough. the editing makes you look… garish, ridiculous… awkward. not an once of ‘beautiful’ at all.

  37. Hahaha. What’s with the construction worker holding up the white cloth? Is it supposed to mean something? Peace, perhaps?
    Love all of this.

  38. omg.. you’re way too thin.
    why die because of jealousy.. if this is real BryanBoy wil die within the next few years..

  39. hey BB! F U! i love you soo much!! i say, you totally rock, giving much even if the world will say your damned for good. i’m not sure if you are, but who cares! keep the freakin artistic lifestyle alive!

  40. Josefine

    BryanBoy you are not FABULOUS or CHIC, you are disgusting…
    I mean you are way to fat! OMG, poor bryanboy!! You have to use photoshop, beacuse what a shame it would be showing your real FATFATFATFAT arms.
    You should just stop eating because you are the biggest thing I’ve ever seen…
    GROW UP!

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