2007 Philippine Blog Awards

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Designer Marjan Pejoski would’ve been soo proud of me for wearing MEELS in public. Trust me, this doesn’t happen very often. I couldn’t find a pair of shoes to match my ancient Balenciaga so what the heck, I went to the awards festivities in my good ol’ overused cone heels — and I took home the bacon! I wanted to test my guts and my comfort level and I survived! I got a fantastic trophy made out of crystal glass! The last time I got a trophy was more than a decade ago when I won the Miss Swimsuit, Miss Congeniality and Miss Talent competitions in our high school beauty pageant. Just kidding. But yeah, woohooo — congratulations to my overcaked face and fat brown ass!


I was an hour and a half late so I didn’t have the chance to mingle, talk and network with people (not that I ever do anyway… I’m really shy when it comes to strangers!!!! I have this tendency to cocoon myself etc). When I got there, bam, wham, bam, it was insane!! Hahaha! Loooooads of people took pictures of me and I literally looked like a fucking fruitcake. I didn’t even plan on going to the event because my mum is in the hospital but I thought it would be best if I take a breather and go somewhere where I could take my mind off away from things. I don’t even wanna see what I look like on their pictures. I betcha I look horrid. Let’s not even talk about it ANYMORE. Whatevs, it was fun.

I felt like a celebrity… and a talentless one at that. Only in the third world babe. I’ve said it many, many times over the past 2 years…I’m really not a celebrity!!! Hahaha!

You know, I don’t even consider my blog as a "fashion blog"… we all know my taste in fashion is highly questionable. No. Erase that. We all know I have NO taste in fashion AT ALL! Helloooo I’ve got a lifetime membership on the tacky express train! I’m really honored with the award!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to that special person who nominated me because I won it baby, glass trophy and all!!!

Many many, MANY thanks to the judges (Abe Olandres, Adel Gabot, Annalyn Jusay, Bryan Veloso, Connie Veneracion, Dean Alfar, Derek Punsalan, Gail de la Cruz-Villanueva, Jayvee Fernandez, Jolo Santos, JV Rufino, Malou Mangahas, Manuel Quezon III, Melissa Petri and Migs Paraz) and the sponsors. I’ve got some fantastic competition — people who actually know how to write — yet y’all chose me!!!! Boy am I pretty or what?

It’s funny cause Gibbs came up to me telling me he likes the way I write and he’s a writer/editor for one of the top broadsheets here. I’m totally flabbergasted — I swear to god, I am soo gonna take creative writing lessons (or something similar) before I perish from the face of the planet. I really want to improve my writing skills.

Enough about me. Here are some of the winners…

I really look like a fruitcake!!! Hahaha!

Everything was all fine and dandy but damn, y’all should’ve allocated 2 minutes or something for the winners to read their acceptance speeches. Maybe next time? LOL. I’ve got mine prepared already.

"People often thank other people whenever they get an award. I don’t really have anyone to thank other than myself so yeah. Thank ME. Thank me, me, me, me, me and nobody else but me. I love you all! Baboosh!"

Just kidding.

And here are some of the finalists… on other categories, that is. I mean hello… look at me — I’m the only faggot out there. Welcome to the jungle, as Tyra would say.

Cadaver much? I look like a bloody alien. Look at my eyes!

Another group shot..

It was a fun event alright. There was a little after party but I had to go back to the hospital to check on the old woman. I like this whole ‘blogging’ thing. Everyone was really really nice and friendly and genuine. They should do more of these blogger meet ups whatever. I never really had the chance to talk to people on a more intimate scale because everything happened soo fast etc etc etc. I was really looking forward to meeting Sassy Lawyer


I’m gonna put my little trophy/plaque/whatever the hell you call it right on my bedside table. I wanna bask in my supremacy at least for the next few days. LOL.

And there you have it.

Congratulations to me and best wishes to everyone!

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!