Obsession du Jour: MIKA

I thought I’d be better off not joining the Mika bandwagon but I can’t hide it anymore!!!!! I watched a few YouTube videos and I’m sold!!! I bought his latest album, Life in Cartoon Motion for US$9.99 online or 99 cents per song. I know y’all can dowload free mp3s but let’s support this guy because he needs it. He’s a really TALENTED singer. His music is inspiring and I love all of his songs! Don’t be a selfish pratt; let’s make the guy filthy rich because he deserves it. I FUCKING love, love, LOVE Mika!

Sucking too hard on your lollipop or love’s gonna get you down. I try to be like Grace Kelly… but her looks were too sad. So I try a little Freddie… I’ve gone identity mad! This is my interpretation. And don’t… don’t blitz it.

I love MIKA!

Edit: PS. There’s a song for fatties like you and me called "BIG GIRL (YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL)". Get yourself to the butterfly lounge, find yourself a big lady. Big boy come on around, and there be gonna do baby!!! I love it!