Maggotry in Motion: Cho Seung-Hui – Multimedia Manifesto

Written By bryanboy

Maggotry in Motion: Cho Seung-Hui – Multimedia Manifesto

Now I don’t like talking about "current affairs" but for the life of god, will the American media please stop sensatonalising this whole Virginia Tech fiasco? 33 people died alright but what about the hundreds, if not thousands of people who died in Iraq? I heard on the news about 200 people died in a bombing like today or yesterday, how come you’re not covering that? I turn on the TV and EVERY news channel is covering every centimeter possible out of this insane massacre.

How someone can EASILY buy a fucking gun is beyond me. Get a hint fuckers — this isn’t the first AND last time a school shooting will happen unless you revise you gun laws.


  1. America’s Constitution states about the “right to bear arms”. I don’t think gun control would ever be possible in the US.
    And you know what’s ironic? Cho’s home country, South Korea, prohibits civilians from owning any firearm.

  2. Jonathan

    OMG Bryanboy you have never spoken such truer words. Why can’t Bryan Boy be the President of the USA. The US would be fabulous and not represented by a dumb ass president.

  3. Koreans do it better

    Agree with you double b. Enough already with this media frenzy trying to ‘explain’ this loser. What’s to explain? He’s mad, sees fuzzy,little animals with demon eyes in his fried little brain who tell him to do things, that’s it. Stop giving this drama queen the attention he so craves. If he wanted attention he should’ve gotten a blog. Thank god for French elections very soon. We need a serious dose of Elysée chic in our lives.

  4. you DO know how easy it is to get a gun in the philippines, dont you? its not about laws its about culture and society.

  5. Gun control is not the issue. Anyone who wants a gun can either go to a store or on the street to buy one. Make it illegal to buy a handgun & then the blackmarket for guns will skyrise. This guy was exhibiting signs of this long before, they should have kicked him out of school, sent him to the nut house or something. Better gun control has nothing to do with this, it’s called weeding out the crazies, thats the 1st step.

  6. I knew you would have the courage to tell it like it is!
    guns are designed to kill

  7. MyStory

    *roll eyes* It sounds like he is full of some type of pride. Korean pride?
    Tired of it? then why put a video and talk about it????? lol

  8. The media needs ratings. They’ll beat the shit out of anything to get attention until the next big thing comes along, no matter how tragic or absurd the events are. And honestly, it’s making me sick.

  9. I completely agree with Blair. Gun control is not the issue here, rather the guy is a nut case! And as for the media attention that it’s getting, yeah it is kinda sad that this get more coverage versus than the 200 or so people that died from the recent bombings in Iraq…

  10. bb, i didnt hear u complaning about the relentless media barrage on anna nicole’s death and this is waaaaay bigger than her!!! as for gun control, the second amendment of the u.s. contitution states ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’

  11. Murderous rage like this will never stop, regardless of proper gun laws. For as long as kids get bullied and picked on in school or anywhere else, it will happen again.

  12. My dear BBoy
    American M****RF****Rs think in this world every one else bleeds shit but their own obese asses. That is how much they care about other people`s lives.
    Good to see you care though.

  13. sadly.. gun control will not help the situation, because guns are already too readily available in the US – because they have been legalized for so long. even if they start gun control, it would not be that effective due to the amount of guns in circulation.
    but its not true to say that gun control is futile!!! look at all other developed countries with a no-gun policy like england, while there are stabbings, gun crime is still much much much lower compared to america. you hardly hear about school shootings from europe!!! i can assure you that bullying occurs EVERYWHERE. and im sure if i REALLY wanted a gun (im from london) i cld get one – but with much more difficulty, if not slightly impossible.
    my main point is… gun problem in america is too fucked up to the point of no return. its just an abominable state of affairs that they created for themselves and not have to deal with themselves.
    the NRA are idiots.

  14. Yeah sure ban guns and see just how crazy the US would get then. The black market would make it even more dangerous. Just because some nut goes and kills 32 people there’s no need take away one of the few remaining rights we have left in this country.

  15. This loser makes me laugh. He hates rich people. He did this to get even with ?them? or someone else? He’s such a fucking loser and pathetic waste, he was so fucking dramatic and sick in his videos. I just wish he was alive because I would fucking club him to death with Chanel.
    Make love, not war. And, we should just fucking ban handguns altogether. I’m done.

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