Laundry List Thursday: Ciara Marasigan-Serumgard

Written By bryanboy

Laundry List Thursday: Ciara Marasigan-Serumgard

Ladies!!!!! OMG OMG OMG. I died. I died died died when I saw these babies while bloghopping earlier. I have no idea what they are — brooch? bracelet? Whatevs. I’m not sure if you know this but I have a weakness when it comes to turquoise and corals.


Aren’t they beeeeeeeaaaauuuuttiful??? Each of these colourful, handcrafted babies are made out of red corals, turquoise, swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. Ooooh soo decadent!! The pieces are part of her "Fire Empress" collection. I love em!

P.S. Click here to view other items on my laundry list.


  1. Hiyee Bryanboy…
    I’ve been reading your stuff since last year. I love your site – it’s a feel good site. Anyway, I saw you last Saturday or was it a Sunday in Festival mall with your yaya just as you were comin out of Bench Fix. You looked anorexic hot in that LV bag. I know you’ve always encouraged your readers holler at ya but I literally didn’t have the balls to do it. Hehe! Stay sexy. Love your bags and oh yea those stones are hot but I’m more of a sucker for emeralds.

  2. Timone

    Hey B!
    I follow ur blog and it really gives me good time … most of the time … but leaves thoose red beutiful animals alone…
    … the are for living not for shining….
    money is too easy to earn nowadays.. money for nothing…. leave animals free!!!

  3. jeweladdict

    the things she calls golden sea rattan are heat treated black corals which are an endangered species and shouldnt be sold.

  4. That jewelry is amazing. I’m going to get my friend Christina some for the next gift giving holiday.

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