Laundry List: Boys in Pink (David David, Peter Jensen & Pierre Hardy)

Written By bryanboy

The Look: Boys in Pink

I’m done… done, done, done with my meels obsession. I think I went overboard with high heels this week, it’s time to purge them out of my system and get a shot of hardcore testosterone and masculinity up the inner crevices of my rectum. Here’s my little laundry list for those of you boys out there. Remember… fantastic boys always, always, ALWAYS look pretty in pink.

Men’s shorts: Peter Jensen
Men’s sandals: Pierre Hardy (check if they have those sandals in a white/off-white color; not sure of the material but they look suede to me. when contacting Pierre Hardy, be sure to tell em Bryanboy sent you!)
Men’s t-shirt: David David (I love it! My English boy friend Alex first introduced me to David David last year. Photo of him below with a DD tee and my little pose blah blah. I want those bloody t-shirts!!)

*Note: Ditch the brown Peter Jensen belt as pictured on the shorts and replace it with white or pink. Also, I would totally wear the above outfit with my classic H enamel bracelet from Hermes, and perhaps a 3-strand pearl necklace on my other wrist… and white aviators.

Bag: Marc Jacobs Quilted Ryder Bag US$1,395 @ eLuxury – isn’t this baby gorgeous??


  1. Simi Valley

    hey bryanboy! you have such a fun fashion taste you should go to its all about fashion. you mix things up and create your clothes for the week on it.

  2. loving the pink shorts!! considering the weather her in the third world, ill really wear that in a heartbeat!

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