JD Ferguson is a size queen

Written By bryanboy

JD Ferguson is a size queen

My new BFF, JD Ferguson, is a size queen. He emailed me one of his projects, JD Ferguson Presents the Porn Stars where he takes photos and interview the people you jack off to at night. His latest boy du jour is Ben Andrews, 21, of Cleveland, Ohfuckinghiyo and owns an 11 inch cock. Ouch. I think that’s wayyyyyy too extreme, no? I’m a size queen alright and I like to get my prostate punched every once in a while but I have my limits, thanks very much. You know, the biggest cock I had was about 10 inches and I already had a hard time taking it let alone add another inch.

I have one thing to say. Don’t forget those legendary and internet history-making goatse.cx photos from last decade.

That’s all!

PS. BTW, I know I’m the poster child of faggotry but I’m not really into gay porn. I prefer watching girls get gangbanged. Creampie is my little thing. Maybe JD can interview my favourite porn star ever, Ariana Jollee? Her movie, 65 Guy Creampie, is the ultimate. I live vicariously through her!


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