Graham Crackers

Graham crackers = my new best friend. I consume 3 of these little brown babies, in addition to 2 or 3 cups of green tea, as an alternative to having a full lunch. There’s 150 calories in each serving (3 crackers) and it’s guaranteed to keep the fat away. It’s the best snack out there and it’s super nutritious! Why eat a ginormous, obesity-inducing meal when you can have crackers and tea instead?

Click click click!

Bacon cheeseburger fries pizza. This freakyshiat moment is brought to you by our friendly friends at the frathouse.

Gluttony is clearly the world’s most expensive and deadliest sin. Obesity is at an all-time high, killing lots of people around the world.

Someone I know just sent me an instant message telling me there’s something on TV (TLC) right now in the USA where all these obese people went through a gastric bypass surgery. A few days later, they still go out and get fast food. Some people clearly do not have discipline or self-control.



I admire all the fatties in the world (like myself) who are being proactive in losing weight and taking the battle against fat seriously.

I’m not saying everyone should go ana or mia. Eating disorders are fatal and bad.

What I’m trying to say is that we should at least have some sort of a conscience before we shove food down our throats.

Yes, we should also learn to accept AND love our bodies but when you’re a big giant mess AND YOU’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT, ‘accepting and loving ourselves’  is nothing but a cheap excuse.

Remember. Graham crackers are your best friend.

I’m gonna call pizza hut now. I haven’t had junk food in AGES and I’m starving!!!!

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I love you all!