Geckos, Cavalli and Tummy Tucks

A lot of people are surprised (and bombard me with questions) whenever they see my little tattoo which, thank god, doesn’t happen on a daily basis because I’m in a serious and desperate need of a tummy tuck. My friend Louise told me that she’s currently doing 500 situps ON A DAILY BASIS and I was like screw that. My tat is nothing special anyway. There’s no "story" behind it. It’s a little 2-inch tattoo that I got when I was 14. The tattoo person wanted me to pick something from a book and then I saw this gecko crawling on their wall so I told him I want that. The end.

Imagine the delight when I saw these cute wooden Cavalli bracelets. Gorgeous eh?

Roberto Cavalli gecko wooden bracelets
€429 each
Luisa Via Roma

PS. Thank GOD I didn’t get one of those stupid tribal or chinese characters whatever tattoos. NASTY, I TELL YOU. NAST-EEEEE!