Fed up. Soo fed up.

Written By bryanboy

Fed up. Soo fed up.

I’ve had it with my hair. I swear to god, my hair is driving me nuts. I can’t do it anymore. I wanted it long so I can play with it but it’s annoying the shit out of me. It’s soo fucking hot in the world and it doesn’t help that my hair is soooo thick.

I think I’m gonna go back to my good ol’ boring hair – super short, super clean, dark brown and highlights galore. TOMORROW. Yes? No? Maybe I should go blond like Agyness Deyn? Or should I grow it longerrrrrr? Watcha think? Help me god!


  1. germaine

    hey bb is it really you on facebook??
    it seemed a bit suspicious

  2. I know how u feel seriously, I’m waiting for my hair to grow long too!! Don’t cut it!! please..the wait is worth while!!

  3. You know, you could actually model for Dior… you got the poses… Maybe if they take back Slimane, no??

  4. Asian nerd do

    Why just not cut your ‘ead off completely. Your self-obsessed whimpering is really boring. Marie-Antoinette chic is already a bit passe, but heck, you’re in the third world.
    PS You look like you’re in an Asian Beatle tribute band.

  5. MyStory

    Your hair should never me straighten if it’s long. It doesn’t look good.
    Just cut it, it looks better.

  6. Just get it thinned baby boo.
    :) caramel highlights would look kinda cute too.

  7. Slut4Style

    Grow it out, dear, and aim for a pageboy bob cut like a knife. It’s chic, goes with your wardrobe and it’ll cover your protruding ears. Also, I suggest you invest in air-conditioning if humidity is an issue. God knows you can afford it. P.S. That boy crop you used to sport looks ridiculous with couture… and frankly it’s oh so pedestrian.

  8. Ballet Russes

    Stop smoking. Did you know that, contrary to common belief, smoking makes you fat? Not that
    cigarette smoke contains airborne calories or some such nonsense… but it actually clogs your veins and worsens your metabolism considerably. Funny how some people think smoking will keep them thin. Also, it ages you prematurely, every cigarette will add 43nanomillimetre of wrinkle to one’s face, dry out your lips, skin and organs and give you that crack addict look. On a minor side note, smoking also will potentially give you
    cancer, like lung cancer or more pleasantly: bowel cancer.

  9. Roseanne Barr and John Goodman

    I think you should get an early career-making Erin Wasson/Eleanore Bose lesbian chich haircut. Shaved on the sides and long on top.
    You could also do a Britney.
    Or a K-Fed (i.e. cornrows). That would look so
    wrong on you, it would be right.

  10. I love it long. Stick with growing it out, and sport some trendy chic headbands if you need to.

  11. Thin and shorten up the sides and then just take a bit of body out of the top, keeping the length.
    That way you can go for a side-sweep or a backcombed quiff or slick it back, the list goes on….

  12. ur hair is not the prob!!! it’s ur FISHLIPS!!! they’re beyond bee-stung, they’re entire hive-stung!!!!

  13. nothingpetty

    I like the picture in the top right hand corner.
    You are a cutie (a little thin, though) and way too young for me.

  14. Post a comment

    You look OLD in all of the pictures! And don’t think you’re fooling anyone with the photoshopping!

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