Oh the scandal! I fucking love it.

I love the third world. I really do. I can feel the adrenaline rush right now. Who knew one of my recent entries caused a little scandal in the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives. I have a feeling it will blow out of proportion anytime soon and I love it!!! Publicity baby! *wink* Hahaha!

Scandals, scandals, scandals, hits, hits, hits, visitors, visitors, visitors, ads, ads, ads, clicks, clicks, clicks, money, money, money, fame, fame, fame. I looooove it!

Click click click!

I have two options.

1) Blog about it, be 102% transparent and see what the entire BLOGGING community, all of my readers and the world have to say…


2) Delete the original blog entry (actually, I already removed 3 photos but if this blows out of proportion and if I have to present facts, I’ll repost them once again), which is something I NEVER DO (in fact, I only did it once or twice in my entire life).

What do you think?

Who are we kidding. Either way, I’ll most definitely blog about whatever happens. I might delete the original entry (poor me. poor Iekeliene!!!) if I get pressured enough.

My gut instinct says some disgruntled alumni felt I didn’t deserve the little certificate I got… and felt I’m tarnishing the school’s name so they complained to the powers that be yaddi yaddi yadda.

Well… let’s see what they have to see after this. I’m gonna shut it for now. I’m still waiting for word whether I should delete the entry or not.

I mean hello. It’s not as if people haven’t seen the entry anyway.

I feel terrible for the students. I don’t want them to be suspended. Really. Isn’t it interesting how innocent people will suffer the consequences from the actions of 1 person, namely me?

Thank god I’m not a journalist. I WOULD’VE BEEN DEAD BY NOW! To some of you who don’t know, the Philippines is the #2 place in the world where members of the media are often killed. Iraq is #1.

I don’t like "this". You know, whatever "this" is.

PS. Are they gonna take my certificate back? Refund/return policy and all that?

PPSS.Pantene, anyone?