Developing Story: Silencing of the Lambs

Written By bryanboy

Oh the scandal! I fucking love it.

I love the third world. I really do. I can feel the adrenaline rush right now. Who knew one of my recent entries caused a little scandal in the land of the brown, l’exotique and the natives. I have a feeling it will blow out of proportion anytime soon and I love it!!! Publicity baby! *wink* Hahaha!

Scandals, scandals, scandals, hits, hits, hits, visitors, visitors, visitors, ads, ads, ads, clicks, clicks, clicks, money, money, money, fame, fame, fame. I looooove it!

Click click click!

I have two options.

1) Blog about it, be 102% transparent and see what the entire BLOGGING community, all of my readers and the world have to say…


2) Delete the original blog entry (actually, I already removed 3 photos but if this blows out of proportion and if I have to present facts, I’ll repost them once again), which is something I NEVER DO (in fact, I only did it once or twice in my entire life).

What do you think?

Who are we kidding. Either way, I’ll most definitely blog about whatever happens. I might delete the original entry (poor me. poor Iekeliene!!!) if I get pressured enough.

My gut instinct says some disgruntled alumni felt I didn’t deserve the little certificate I got… and felt I’m tarnishing the school’s name so they complained to the powers that be yaddi yaddi yadda.

Well… let’s see what they have to see after this. I’m gonna shut it for now. I’m still waiting for word whether I should delete the entry or not.

I mean hello. It’s not as if people haven’t seen the entry anyway.

I feel terrible for the students. I don’t want them to be suspended. Really. Isn’t it interesting how innocent people will suffer the consequences from the actions of 1 person, namely me?

Thank god I’m not a journalist. I WOULD’VE BEEN DEAD BY NOW! To some of you who don’t know, the Philippines is the #2 place in the world where members of the media are often killed. Iraq is #1.

I don’t like "this". You know, whatever "this" is.

PS. Are they gonna take my certificate back? Refund/return policy and all that?

PPSS.Pantene, anyone?


  1. Kiki Dunst

    some people have no sense of humour. some fucking filipinos just stopped evolving, im telling you. these cranially-challenged primates should just shut up the fuck up!
    i can say that, im filipino!
    PS, me loves me some BB, forever!

  2. gnormes

    I find that blog entry was wildly entertaining. Dark witty humor and in-your-face kiss-ass sarcasm It’s a pity that these fifol failed to comprehend BB’s writing style nor appreciate his twisted liberal views, albiet F-U-N-N-Y.
    Can someone tell that dried up bitch to moisturize her brain a bit…

  3. Go to UP next time BB!!! We love you!!! We’re equal opportunity lovers!!! Atheists, gays, devil worshippers, Jesus-freaks, Sanjaya fans! We love them all! Will you come if we invite you? please do!!! We’ll give you an honorary doctorate in Applied Physics if you do! MWAH!

  4. LOL. This is why you’re better off in UP. Ugh. Narrow minded people who don’t have a sense of humor.
    What happened to freedom of speech.
    You’re on your way to their idea of a hell anyway, why should they care what a little blog post might say.

  5. I’m atenean and I didn’t feel offended. Heck, I’m taking my mba (standard) right now and I don’t even fuckin care. You’re entitled to do whatever you want with the certificate… those that get offended have a stick up their ass. They knew you before they invited you over so really, they should’ve thought about it before giving you one of those certificates. If my group invited you, we certainly wouldn’t because we know who you are and how twisted your humor can be hehehe. I mean that as a compliment. ;)
    Don’t delete the entry.

  6. gosh, a lot of ateneans think highly of themselves. i remember an atenean writer/ student wrote a tacky comparison about “the rich” and “ang poor” (the poor) on philippine star’s young star section several years ago. i could just roll my eyes out of disgust.
    seems like nina is one of them holier-than-the-rest-o’-us ateneans.

  7. MyStory

    So what does having one of those certificate do?
    DOwn with you know who! xD

  8. I’m not gonna kiss your ass anymore because your ass is way way way better off without my kiss. ;) Just wanna say this:
    We’d rather you take option #1. I’m sure you’ll get support from lots of people, especially the online community. WTF, just how shallow can some people (and even the college) get to pull some strings and try to SUSPEND students just because of a thing like that, right? Methinks it’ll just make the whole institution appear like a fool if/when the issue gets media mileage, which is totally not impossible because they’re the ones who’s making this a big issue anyway.
    Hold your ground. Don’t delete the entry. ;)

  9. Write about it Bryan! We want to know more!
    I don’t understand what the fuzz is all about when Philippino university is like 3rd grade in America.

  10. monicalewinskiing

    So why in the first place did that mansibang even sign that certificate knowing how scandalous you can be?
    finished mba from that school and the only thing i got was a certificate. nothing else.

  11. okay… im guessing you’ve already edited your previous entry or there really is nothing to fuss about and the comments about people making your opinions or your entry regarding your ateneo visit so big a deal is true… i checked you’re previous post and i really can’t figure out what’s the problem with it?
    looks fine for me. no big deal to have anyone suspended or anything. connect???

  12. bb, i take back what i said. it was U who stooped down to the level of ate-what? and U who was scraping the bottom of the barrel when u agreed 2 give a talk @ that diploma-mill. BURN THAT CERTIFICATE!!!

  13. Do not delete the entry.You were just merely “recapping” your experience.Though i dont like some of your ideas (like pigskin worship), but dont delete it.
    No offense to Ateneans but the alumni are just fond of complaining. They complain that they were only ranked 3rd in the Philippines’ “top” universities.

  14. Hey Ivy League, you ignorant bitch that can’t even spell FILIPINO correctly… American education pales in comparison to Filipino education. Sure America might have better technology but your frat house and debauchery laden universities have nothing on ours. Your ivy leagues only have reputation for old money. In fact, your education system is so inferior, the Chinese are trumping over it…and they’re still communist.

  15. hey bryanboy! pabayaan mo sila. you have the right to your opinion. kung may masuspend, e di mag suspend. that is not your concern. did you ask for danton remoto’s opinion? hehehe

  16. MyStory

    Why did you take down the Chanel video??????
    SO it’s Chanel!!!!!!

  17. you actually kept me guessing on that certificate. i enjoyed the blog. i didnt find it offensive. some hardcore alumnis do. dont delete the blog. sayang.

  18. You can blog about it. Be sure to only say facts (like a recap) and your corresponding opinion (you’re entitled to it after all). Do not fabricate things, assume too much, make false accusations or try changing other people’s opinion about the institution.. Just say it as it was to you.. then they can’t get you for libel or fraud or anything. Your pictures are your own property. A certificate that’s been given to you is yours also.. And come on, what’s the worst they do to you, eh? This is the third world. I’m not even sure we have laws pertaining to personal online stuff like this.. yet =)

  19. cheena

    i always love ur posts… to anyone who takes it negatively, well, they’re just going to have to learn to deal with it… free speech n all that crap.u’re beautiful, smart, and a lot of people love u. they read whatever crap u write and i’d say majority read thru ur work coz it’s fun. we need a bit of entertainment in this friggin world…and we also learn things in a not so typical fashion… you are cool, bb… empowered… you’re all that… nobody will kill you over this. and to ericka(25apr post)you so rock!

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