Chanel + Signe Chanel + 10 Years

Written By bryanboy

Chanel + Signe Chanel + 10 Years

"No one is indispensable on this earth."
Madame Pouzieux

First things first — if you are in London (London, England not London, Ontario as in London bridge is falling down London London), get yourselves the May issue of OUT magazine…it should be out NOW. Rumor has it that I’m gonna make a little cameo appearance there. Be sure to scan if you see me and email it to my oh so crazy email account, I need it for my records. Do it for the third world children. Do it for the poor. Do it for the whales. Do it for the seals. Do it for the endangered species and last but not the least, do it for me!!! Merci my little whores!!!

1, 2, 3. Breathe.

I love Chanel. I really do. In fact, my love affair with the house that Gabrielle built is still going strong after ten (10) whole years. If you look at the photo above, I’m holding the ‘thing’ that was responsible for my love with Chanel — the spring/summer 1997 pret-a-porter catalog featuring the gorgeous Stella Tenant.

How old was I back then? Don’t ask. I won’t tell.


I was 8 years old!!!!!!

BTW, I discovered something today!!! I used a little light coat of YSL Touche Eclat on my lips UNDERNEATH a little coat of Chanel lip gloss and boy I looove the result!


Here’s a few photos from the old catalog. Isn’t Stella gorgeous????

The clothes… the accessories… the overall look — sooo chic and soo timeless. It’s the power of Chanel! Chanel, baby, Chanel!!!!! Uncle Karl is truly incredible. INCREDIBLE!

Who would’ve thought it’s been 10 years… 11, actually, cause the photos were taken in Paris in 1996?

Have you guys seen that old documentary entitled "Signe Chanel"? You **MUST** see it! I searched for it on YouTube and voila, I found ALL the episodes there… subtitles and all! There’s 5 episodes, split into 4 parts each. I went ahead and saved them all here for easy access.

To be honest with you, I was quite touched and moved by the film about Chanel’s fall/winter 2004-2005 haute couture collection.

I know lots of people who roll their eyes whenever they hear about haute couture’s astronomical prices (a typical suit starts at approx US$30,000; embroidered dresses at US$150,000). If only they had an idea of the sheer amount of work involved, from the creative and design process down to delivery and execution.

Each piece is made by hand — sweat, tears and blood (literally) by Chanel’s loyal staff.

It’s all astounding, really.

One of my favourite highlights is Madame Pouzieux — a 78 (well, she’s like 80 now I think) year old woman who lives in a farm. I love, love, love her! Apparently she’s the only one person who knows the secret in making braids that are used on the edges/trim of some of the pieces. The dedication she puts into her craft, over the years, is amazing. She’s AMAZING! For a woman of her age… to only sleep 2 or 3 hours a day during couture season just to work on braids, is something else!!!!

Karl Lagerfeld aside, the real stars of haute couture is no other than the lovely people behind the scenes — the overworked old lady seamstresses, French artisans like Lesage (embroiderers) and Massaro (shoes)  etc., who work day AND night (and sometimes, till 4 or 5AM) just to deliver all the beautiful things that we see on the runway.

It’s crazy, I’m telling you. CRAZY!

Mark my words and set this in stone. I *will* own my little piece of haute couture action before I perish on the face of this planet. Perhaps not now but DEFINITELY in the future.

Enough verbal diarrhea.

Watch the videos and see for yourself. Play them one by one.  You won’t regret it.


Episode 1 – Anticipation

Episode 2 – Doubts

Episode 3 – Rituals

Episode 4 – Sleepless Nights

Episode 5 – The Collection

And there you have it.

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I love you all!


  1. Wow BB you’re looking so gaunt! You need to do a post on all the things you did to shift all that excess weight like you with with your Obagi post, pretty please with 10 inches on top?

  2. i’ve seen this documentary years ago. and yes, they really put a lot of hard work in it.

  3. bb, i think u need some cheiloplasty. ur lips look like they belong 2 someone from some long lost tribe in burkina faso or equatorial guinea!!!

  4. jo Kiss

    Oh my god i almost died when i saw your header, I thought you had signed a deal with la maison Chanel.
    I know for sure that you will own a couture dress someday.
    I ll pray for you

  5. so you finally sold your soul to the devil…umm i mean chanel….. :)

  6. Watched it a while back, and agreed, it’s amazing the amount of work goes into a couture collection. Loved it.

  7. Wow! BB, i watched this a year ago on DWTV a german cable channel and i was really bowled over by the intricacies of couture design! And of course seeing good old daddy Karl handing out designs left and right, his assistants scrambling around, and all that sourcing for the materials, ahh! fashion heaven!

  8. Slut4Style

    The ones of you posing avec cigarette and the Chanel look book are definitely the best of you so far. Do chic more often, darling. And by the way, the Touche Eclat makes you Jolie fish-lips look smaller – and quite modish. Keep them. Kudos.

  9. thanks bryan boy! i really loved this post. i hope that old woman doing braids lives longer, she is a rare catch! haute!!!

  10. received the DVD for my 21st birthday Still instructive this year they made one about marc jacobs and the house of vouitton it wil be airing tonight in france on international channel “arte”

  11. alejandro'p

    stop doing your freaking diets, if u dont stop youre gonna get anorexia, u looked so hot back then in the photo with the jumbo chanel bag

  12. D. Darling

    Dear BryanBoy,
    I took a few months hiatus from your site (grad school is a bitch)– right around the time you were beginning the 1-2-3-4 (or whatever) diet. I’m back to checking regularly, and You. Look. Fantastic. Not just your body, but the weight loss really brought out the bones in your gorgeous face. These pics are esp. lovely. I hope you are healthy and I’m reinforcing any bad behaviours, but you really look great.

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