Certificate of Appreciation for "Invaluable Services"

Written By bryanboy

Certificate of Appreciation

OH. MY. GOD. Yesterday was fun. Guess who got a little certificate from one of the top MBA/Business schools in the fabulous third world for "invaluable services" rendered? And no, I’m not talking about peddling my infamous blowjobs and crystal meth/amphetamine adderall pills to MBA students to help them with their exams. 

Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business! Woohoo! This is wayyyyyy better than my diploma from Debbie’s Korrespondence with Klass Skool of Kosmetology!!!!

Before we continue, I need to do something with my hair. ASAP! I look like a fuckin scruffy emo kid.

A greasy, scruffy emo kid at that.

The last time I had a haircut was back in December of last year.

Well, I got it trimmed here and there but I need a well-defined haircut that’s flattering to my face. I’m soo tempted to go back to my old ways (super short) but I don’t want to waste all these months yaddi yaddi yadda. I think I’m gonna grow it further. Just a wee bit more. I’m not sure if it’s the right decision though considering it’s 37 fucking degrees celsius in this shithole but whatevs. Hello summer!


I went to university yesterday night for a friend’s project blah blah blah. I’m not gonna share specifics because I don’t want to preempt anything but let me tell you, it was FUN!

Cha-ching cha-ching cha-ching!


I could go on and on and on forever and ever infinity ever but this is what I got. Sweet, innit?

I have to admit though that public speaking ain’t my forte (I have major speech/stttttttuuuuuuuutttttttterrrr problems) so I was nervous half the time. I’m also not happy with *my* answers to their questions. I just wish there’s a way for me to express myself eloquently. Oh dear. Oh well.

Hopefully things turn out well in the end. You know what they say… practice makes perfect.

I really should do this more often, no? I hope they learned something from me/I hope I shared something of substance, even if it was just a speckle of knowledge one way or another.

Here’s a few more pics on my cam…



Look at those eyes my god, I look like I’m on crack!!!!!!! Not even makeup can save me from looking like a freak. I really need to get plastic surgery. I need a nosejob, lip reduction, buccal fat removal, chin AND cheek implants.

Beverly Hills 6750, Dr. Calayan and Dr. Belo are y’all reading this?

I like this ‘guest speaker’ thing. It’s fun!

From this on forward, I’m gonna make myself available.

Corporate parties and mental health facilities.

Weddings, baptisms and special ocassions.

Educational institutions and funeral processions.

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

PS. I love you Iek!!


  1. OMG BB! i hope you could come and be a speaker for the next Philippine blogging summit! that would surely make everyone scramble for the reserved seats! It’s sponsored by the University of he Philippines so you could shower us geeks with your fabulousity! Ciao!

  2. omfg!!! talk about scraping the bottom of the barell!!! ateneo actually stooped that low cuz they couldn’t get anyone better!!! sheeeyet!!!

  3. are you threatened and insecure of my supremacy and superiority, bading? what can i say… i’m the queen of the philippine blogging community. LOL
    name another flip who made his/her mark worldwide through blogging and i’d be more than happy to pass my tiara if s/he is deserving.
    but until then, i’m the mary and you’re the rhoda.

  4. lisalisa

    too much shading goin on there, with the cheeks and jawline lol, but thats alright its your blog :P do what u gotta do :P oh and i noticed u photoshopped whiter eyes lol, u go girl
    its true tho, u look so diff and i almost can point my finger on it haha

  5. bb, u R the undisputed queen of the blogging community in that 3rd-world cesspit u live in, there’s no doubt about that, but nuh uh, u r wrong sweetie, i m not at all threatened by ur megalomania, u r not a stephen gan!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Kissdahskye

    Love those glasses…you look Fabulous! Plastic surgery 4 what?

  7. Some people comment here with “INGGIT” written all over their faces. lol…
    Anyway, I was laughing at the certificate photos. You kept me guessing.

  8. MyStory

    lol so you got payed? XD
    The glasses don’t look that great. Maybe in person they look better. I want one though. XD

  9. chaka cho

    ganun… i remember that class. I spoke about retina recognition technology. biometrics. it must have been a blast having a bryanboy in those boring classes in rockwell…. grrrr

  10. Hello faggot u look like “La chilindrina” from the tv show El Chavo from mexico ……… so fucking ugly you are

  11. Nina D' Lizard

    Infote is just a subject. The people in the standard class didn’t want to have a test that’s why they got a speaker. Ateneo should never ever allow giving out a certificate bearing the Ateneo logo for just any endeavor. Now, BB can put anything there like what he did here. What a shame!

  12. Nina I.

    Just a clarification, Ateneo was not even the one who invited Brianboy, these were students led by (*moderator edit*), and comments made here are kneejerk reactions. In fairness to Ateneo, a number of people does not constitute the whole institution.

    *please value the privacy of others

  13. So what’s all the fuzz about your blogging? Is it because of the gay factor or the blogging with a gay twist?
    Your entry is hilarious, I have never laugh this hard on a blog, you almost outdid Borat so I say don’t delete it. Stand your ground……. hmmmmnnn if it was me I’ll probably……. give them some more, lol.

  14. why did you delete the guessing game? i cant believe an unapologetic twat like you feel threatened…

  15. pokerface

    i think the certificate is not such a big deal anyway.. well u said it urself that it was just for some project or whatever.. i think its just lyk the kind of certificates u get for so so things or for just participating…. doesn’t really qualify to be considered an achievement or any similar….
    anyway i don’t see why others are reacting so excessively about ateneo stooping that low… it wasn’t as if The ateneo actually personally invited bryanboy there anyway…

  16. bayot

    Well well well… you could be the next Speaker of the House and make congress a crazier place to be!

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