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Brandon White

The future of manorexia is uncertain now that Hedi Slimane bid adios to the House of Dior. I’m currently bloghopping and found this.

Photo credit: COACD

I died. I HONESTLY didn’t know what to say when I saw that. I don’t think any photo of a MAN left me speechless before.

And to think, I don’t really like muscular guys.


  1. i saw that. yikes.
    and i left the abercrombie comment at coacd. if he’d been a couple of years younger, he’d been an af “muse”.

  2. MyStory

    That’s no wannabe since it’s a female. So she’s a bryangirl, XD, who buys stuff from H&M. lol
    No for topic at hand;
    Bryanboy getting muscles?!? lol

  3. Dang. When I first saw your blog I assumed those pictures were of you before I read anything and I was like…


    thats my cousin…he has been published in mens health & fitness

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