Blast from the past: Chanel 1995

Written By bryanboy

Blast from the past: Chanel 1995

People of the world you HAVE to watch this video I love it. I fucking love it! Look at all the supermodels in their Chanel finest, pearls and all, the way they walk, HIGH VOLTAGE attitude, clear Chanel plastic bags (like the gold one they made this year except they did it in a different color 12 years ago), turbans with camelias, lots of pearls, a festively plump Karl Lagerfeld and his trademark fan, everything!!!!! I love it! I fucking love it, I was practically a fetus during this show (October 1994)… how I wish I was there to capture the ‘moment’.

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  1. BB, I really imagine you as one of the models in the Chanel fashion show. If memory serves me right, you said that you were mistaken as a model once when you were in London (I think you watched a fashion show that time). GAWD!!! If you were a ramp model, you can definitely add some SPICE to a show. from the body, the exotic looks, the X-factor…you can definitely become The Philippines’ Next Top Model! Keep it up! ;-)

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