Amy Winehouse and her legs

Written By bryanboy

Amy Winehouse and her legs

With all that food on her hand, I vote for drug abuse and bulimia. Who is Amy Winehouse anyway and why is she sparking anorexia rumours all over the place? I like her legs. I think they look fabulous. Don’t believe what the fat sycophants at the newspapers whenever they say about those legs being "dangerously thin". Amy should do something about that horrid hair. Now that’s gross. Really gross.



  1. she has this song ‘rehab’… i think her voice sounds great… and really catchy lyrics…

  2. Christina

    Amy Winehouse is a fucking goddess. I think you might like her. Her music is amazing, and like you, she isn’t afraid to say whatever she wants. You’d especially enjoy “Fuck Me Pumps”. You might find it a bit slow tempo, but the lyrics are priceless.

  3. Her legs are horrifyingly thin, and it’s dangerous. All those wannabees wanting ugly thin legs like hers, now is that a role model? She looks like she’s gonna fall apart any second. And YOU admire HER? Sick sick..
    Viva las biggiesx

  4. She’s a “diva”, but with something wrong on its mind. I like the strange combination of “punk” and trash-look style with the glamour of her musics. She had very good songs and voice, but the look of it is very strange. And why to show her legs ? It’s easier and more glamorous to use a long dress. That legs are very skinny !!!
    Take a look on the ordinary legs of brazillian ( i am from brazil) “famous” girls…
    THIS is what i call LEGS :

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