9 Hottest Celebs on the Web

Written By bryanboy

9 Hottest Celebs on the Web

Third world represent! I found this little baby online but I’m still waiting for any of my generous Nueva Yorker minions to scan the real thing (paper edition always beats the online version, hands-down). The list is fucking amazing — I’m the only one who’s NOT in the USA. Is that a sign that I should pack my bags and move where the grass is greener? *sigh* One can only dream eh? Imagine the opportunities that will come my way if I get my brown ass in Nueva York or Hell-A.

New York Post

Click click click!

It’s been ONE HECK OF A WILD RIDE the past few years and only time can tell where I’m heading. My website is all I have and it’s all I’ve got to offer. In any case, thank you, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU for all the support and the hatred! Thank you for praising me and thank you for trashing me. Thanks, everybody, for helping me turn into a stronger person. Yay me!

It’s not exactly a full-page feature but what the heck, who am I to complain! I’m the only third world ho-bag who made it on the list.

Besides, you know what they say — save the best for last.

The thought of having hundreds of thousands of people stroke my little jewel down there as they turn to another page is PRICELESS.

All you need is an internet connection and a dream indeed. In my case, LOTS of DREAMS!

Click click click!

Email me and tell me you love me! My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all, as always!

P.S. Here’s my resume. If you have a fabulous job lined up for me, let me know. Can I just say I’m good at giving blowjobs? kthxbye

PPSS. Thanks, m1lk for the photos! I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail!

PPPSSS. New York, check. London, check (coming soon; can’t wait for the magazine feature to come out!!! I’m soo nervous lol). Next stops: Paris and Milan. =)


  1. Tiffany

    Congrats on making it!
    You know, you remind me of my orgmate, Joseph (a photo blogger).

  2. im soooo proud of you BB!!! im happy youre finally getting the recognition you deserve!

  3. bb, if u move here 2 1st world nyc, u won’t b planet earth’s favourite 3rd world fag anymore. it’s cuz u r in that cesspit of a 3rd-world country that makes ur blog so interesting. so i suggest just coming 4 a visit, shopping @ jeffrey & kirna zabete, and then posting a fab pixionary.

  4. dreamerboy

    CONGRATS BRYANBOY!! That made me so happy. :) But did you notice you’re the only one who didn’t have some sort of $$ deal come out of their web fame? I bet it’s right around the corner though, especially with this new exposure. You have to capitalize on this! Maybe you need to move to the US to do it. I think you’re made to live in NYC. ;)

  5. It’s about time for you to get major recognition. You NEED to get out of the third world ASAP. Nothing will happen to you if you stay in Manila! They may not appreciate you here but do keep in mind you’ve won the hearts of many and you’re destined to conquer the world!
    Go Bryanboy!

  6. thanks for using my newspaper pic :D
    you really should come down to NYC. but please, try to town it down a little: some people arent so tolerant, unfortunately…

  7. Thank goodness they didn’t use one of your photoshopped pictures!
    Congrats :)

  8. crackwhoredeluxe

    Holy shit. Yuou never cease to amaze me BryanBoy. Congratulations! You’re officially a celeb!
    Move to LA or NY!!!!!!!!!

  9. Congratulations BB! I think the next publication you need to conquer is the National Enquirer. I’ll put a call in and tip them off that you’re the next Jolie orphan or that you’re fucking Tom Cruise, you can decide hahah

  10. almost_libelous

    Congratulations, Bryan! And please, to those saying he should move to NYC – eff off! The third world needs you, Bryan! We’re counting on you!

  11. Shut up almost-libelous. The third world doesn’t need him. Everyone hates the tranny social outcast so get a clue! If he is special he would be in cool magazines like PREVIEW. You shouldn’t make a big hoopla because ny post is tabloid lang kaya. My friend said the only people who read ny post are people who don’t know how to read.
    Take that!!!!!

    “If he is special he would be in cool magazines like PREVIEW”
    preview is a cool magazine???
    aaa u r an idiot!!!

  13. almost_libelous

    AAA sweetie, youre just making bryanboy more famous with the amount of hatred you have against him

  14. alcoholics anonymous

    “preview is a cool magazine???”
    yes its the best magazine in manila along with other summit magazines.
    kung wala ka sa preview walang kwenta ka sa manila. whats the point of the ny post write up kung unknown ka in your own country?

  15. I’m soooo damn proud of you bryanboy!
    more for you to come!
    come on now, keep rockin!!!
    stay safe and stay fab dear! :)

  16. Congratulations, Bryanboy! I’m hella proud of you! It’s a recognition well-deserved (besides, of course, the Philippine Blog Awards win). You are definitely IT!!! :D

  17. preview magazine – “yes its the best magazine in manila along with other summit magazines.”
    figures… anything published by liza gokungwei is CRAP!!!
    i was in nyc when she was taking a journalism course @ columbia & believe me, we all thought she was a BIG FUCKING JOKE!!!

  18. got the link from the ygroup and damn, whatever the other negative comments are trash it… it’s one hell of an achievement, and one step closer higher to whatever everyone else dreams of. or not.
    but what the heck! this is still undeniably great and you deserve it. praying more to come for you!
    Keep it cominG! CHEERS! :D

  19. greenfairy

    kudoz to you hun! bravo brava! haha. i love you as always
    there’s this remix of sexy back… erm… it says something about the “bboy pose” yaddi yada.. im wondering if its you.. hmm.. IT MUST BE YOU! ciao!

  20. I previously sent you an email saying you should go to the U.S. because of your talents.. and then I read this!! Congratulations! Told yah!!

  21. I think you’re fab, darling :) I love the unabashed and unapologetic fab-ness. You go, girl!

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