White trash chic

Boy do I have lots in store for you. Before we play pictionary primetime, I would like to dedicate the following photos to our American white trash sisters. We all know I have a soft heart and a major weakness when it comes to caucasian white trash — the homeless, the social scum, people on the dole, the drug junkies, the ones who live in trailer parks and yes, that also includes people who live in bumfuck American states with their messy hair, bleached jeans, white sneakers, baggy tops. Think of the "normal" people from that old tv show Rescue 911.

That photo says it all. Even when I’m poor and homeless, I still look sooo. fucking. gorgeous.

Bum cleavage. God I hate my fat ass. ugh!

Well hello there!

Anyone got spare change?

Pictionary primetime coming up in an hour or two. Sooo many photos, soo little time.