Weekend Pictionary Primetime/Stars + Stripes

Written By bryanboy

Pictionary Primetime/Stars + Stripes

I’m really glad many of you loved my black + white pictionary. I really had fun doing it. I mean, minimalism, whatever it is, ain’t really my cup of tea but what do I know. LOL. I’m more of a "wear everything and pile it all up like a good ol’ christmas tree" kind of person. Speaking of christmas trees, I know y’all been waiting for this photo set. Hello…. 400 emails in 2 days!! While emails are truly truly appreciated, do yourself a favour and leave comments instead. Soo much easier. You don’t even have to reveal your real name, just use an alias or something.

Hot or not? Either way, I don’t think I could possibly ever top that, now and forever. For real. After this pictionary it’s all gonna be "normal", whatever that is. I can’t wait for that beautiful day when I’m old, fat, poor, broke, wrinkly, homeless and itching with scabies, and ask myself, "what the fucking hell was I thinking?". Whatevs. Hahaha! I LOVE IT! I FUCKING LOVE IT! I REALLY DO! I LOVE ME! GO GET EM TIGER!

I know y’all miss my verbal diarrhea but photos speak louder than words…

OH LOOK IT’S A BOY! Where’s the funeral? BTW, those are shorts, NOT a skirt. The drape underneath the pockets give the illusion it’s a skirt. =) Smart eh?

Ok… enough playing with fantasy. Time to bring normalcy around here. HAHAHAHAHA!

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I love you all!


  1. OMFG!!!!!!for some reason i love this look BUT i you wear that damn hat again im going to snatch it off your head!talk about accessory loyalty!!!!i love those pumps!hate the bag tho.red is my favorite color but this bag just rubs me the wrong way

  2. Miss Nicole

    Pic 11 is GREAT the stole and bag just pop against the grey and black…..fab

  3. ichywormsss

    you live in pearl?????? these photos were taken in pearl drive. near pacific place i must say.

  4. i want your beautifully golden skin. why wasnt i born a monkey?!
    ps-before you retire the outfit, PLEASE do a faggotry in motion of you mincing in the heels…!

  5. i love your legs!!!!looks like a photoshoot for a fashion magazine!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
    i just LOVEEEE everything about it!

  6. slutboitoi

    Great clothes and style! It could have been better if you really pose like a print/ramp model. Forgive me if I say that you’re projection isn’t that great on these photos. On some photos your arms and legs looked amputated which is a no-no according to the bitchy fabulous Janice Dickinson. You might want to enroll your photographer in a short photography course too and one thing, the place/background is not that fabulous (an obvious loc in the third world lol), why don’t you try it in a busier location like the pavement along ayala or why not try it in Quiapo if you’re a daredevil haha, naah i’m just kidding. but the bottom line is, i still adore you! lol ciao!

  7. Picture twelve is my favorite. I love the whole outfit… especially the hat and the stole. :) You’re hott.

  8. malaysiacunt.com

    You’ve made it! Great looks! for TrannyTricks.com perhaps..Nice try on the resume but ,..err..all positions had been filled.

  9. Lionel RichTea

    Bryan, you need to do another faggotry in motion and upload it to Youtube. Maybe one where you’re just talking about random shit. You love attention and Youtube has a huge audience to draw from.

  10. That’s like soo fierce!
    You should have placed your but right next to the entrance sign.

  11. OK, I have to admit, it does look like a photoshop job on the legs. Embrace the chub, love the chub, starve the fucking chub!! I fucking love you and you are the hottness. Give me your heels! At once! Fuck you, Bryanboy, I fucking love you, you third world faggot prince. Work it bitch!!

  12. very androgynous..and pretty fucking insane too someday you will definitely look back and wonder what the hell you were thinking..
    and maybe if you said comment me or something after every post instead of this
    “Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com or SMS +63.915.785.1492.”
    you wouldn’t have so many emails..
    Just a thought for you to work around in your head

  13. Me likey! That’s in Ortigas, right? I was thinking of moving in the building last month. Next time you need a photographer, email me. I’m no pro, but I can make you look juste fabuleux!

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