Pictionary Primetime/Stars + Stripes

I’m really glad many of you loved my black + white pictionary. I really had fun doing it. I mean, minimalism, whatever it is, ain’t really my cup of tea but what do I know. LOL. I’m more of a "wear everything and pile it all up like a good ol’ christmas tree" kind of person. Speaking of christmas trees, I know y’all been waiting for this photo set. Hello…. 400 emails in 2 days!! While emails are truly truly appreciated, do yourself a favour and leave comments instead. Soo much easier. You don’t even have to reveal your real name, just use an alias or something.

Hot or not? Either way, I don’t think I could possibly ever top that, now and forever. For real. After this pictionary it’s all gonna be "normal", whatever that is. I can’t wait for that beautiful day when I’m old, fat, poor, broke, wrinkly, homeless and itching with scabies, and ask myself, "what the fucking hell was I thinking?". Whatevs. Hahaha! I LOVE IT! I FUCKING LOVE IT! I REALLY DO! I LOVE ME! GO GET EM TIGER!

I know y’all miss my verbal diarrhea but photos speak louder than words…

OH LOOK IT’S A BOY! Where’s the funeral? BTW, those are shorts, NOT a skirt. The drape underneath the pockets give the illusion it’s a skirt. =) Smart eh?

Ok… enough playing with fantasy. Time to bring normalcy around here. HAHAHAHAHA!

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I love you all!