Slut of the day: Birthday Greetings from Norway

*I* should be the slut of the day because it’s my birthday… and my "gifts" are pouring in! Keep em’ coming. I WANT MORE MORE MORE! I don’t care where you’re from, what your gender or sexuality is, whether you’re fat or thinspirational, high net-worth or financially incapacitated, wonderfully well-hung or totally inadequate. It’s the presents that count, not the thought. Did I make any sense? Anyway.

Here’s one for all my girl fans and my faggot readers. Because I like to share my presents to peasants like yourself, why not share to you one of the gifts I got from Norway? Take it from my newfound boy toy who I shall name "Stephanie". He’s from this little bumfuck town of 15,000 people up in the arctic circle — who the hell knew my faggotry reached that far? I’ll show you in the map later.

How nifty! he even chose the colour pink!

At first glance, Stephanie looks like the boor next door type of person with pale skin that hasn’t seen the light of day (literally), dark hair, blah blah yaddi yaddi yadda.

Click click click click click!

This is his little town up north.

This is him with shorter hair. He uses the name "Stephanie" whenever he plays female characters on online games. Go figure!

Well hello there!

I had to cover the thing down there cause I made a personal rule that I am NOT gonna show genitalia on my website given the fact that prepubescent kids read my blog.

Unless of course such genitalia belong to Hollywood celebs then I’m willing to make an exception.

And here’s a present from him me to me you!


Gawd I’m such a pervert. I sold my soul to satan a looooooooooooooong time ago.

You do the math. If that’s my present from Norway… I wonder what it would be if it came from, say, Sweden, Venezuela, Russia, Kenya, Nigeria, Turkey and well, the Philippines.


Keep your pen0rses to yourself!!! I don’t need to see em!!!! Hahaha! ;)

P.S. Happy happy happy birthday to my British blog buddy in Malaysia, Shaolintiger!