Slut of the day: Jared Leto

Written By bryanboy

Slut of the day: Jared Leto

Never mind the hairy legs and the eyeliner but look at that tiny waist. Masturbate, my minions, MASTURBATE!

Photo via ONTD.


  1. OMFG. what the hell happened to jared? He went from disgustingly cute to just plain disgusting period.

  2. Someone please get him a shirt and send him a box of krispy kremes, pronto!

  3. Echelon

    Can you guys not see he is pulling his stomach in? And no he is not an anorexic wannaba… If any of you are fans you should know what this was for.. he put on about 67 lb to play the part of Mark David Chapman.. The guy who shot John Lennon.. If you look at more pics you should see that there are before and after pictures of his unbelieveable weight transformation… he is perfectly healthy now :D

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