Olivia Palermo – Slut of the Day

Is she all over the place these days or what? Her name is Olivia Palermo and according to NYC’s finest, she’s Manhattan’s BIGGEST social climber of the season! This pretty 21 year old slut is currently on the frying pan for allegedly sending an email to a shitload of NYC socials, asking them to be nice to her when she’s around. Well, she did ask for acceptance, privacy and forgiveness so imagine the massive eye-rolling and 1,2,3 snap oh-smell-her commotion she caused. I love it. I fucking love it!  I’m telling y’all, this is MAJOR sizzling social scandal galore and my supremely lovely friends (well, they did compliment me and told me to keep up my contagious fabulosity so there hahaha… anyone who compliments me is my friend!! lol) at Socialite Rank got full coverage on this hilarious story.

The file photo above says it all… it’s funny how Olivia Palermo looks like Tinsley Mortimer’s personal assistant at the J. Mendel show earlier this year.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care whether or not she sent the email but let me tell you, Olivia’s gonna be biiiiiiig because of this ludicrous PR stint. Click click click!

This is the email she allegedly sent to NYC socials like Tinsley Mortimer, Lauren Davis, Fabiola Beracasa, Amanda Hearst, etc. Olivia denied such incident but Socialite Rank thinks she *did* send that email.

Even the New York Post weighed in on the subject…

Isn’t she oh so fucking gorgeous? I want teeth like that. I’ve got rotten fucked up teeth that matches my foul mouth. UGH! Can you imagine…. she’s a former national ice hockey player?

Look at her. Ooooh the flossy flossy!

She even likes senior citizen gays…

Ooooh stunning!

I think she’s really, really pretty. What do you think? God, if that’s the spitting face of a wannabe socialite then people of NYC should see what some of the third world socials look like. LOL.

Sooooo…. do you like Olivia Palermo or no? Maybe she’s not born with IT. Maybe it’s Maybelline?

Answers on a postcard please.