Ola! Happy Halloweeeeeen!!

Written By bryanboy

Ola! Happy Halloweeeeeen!!

I know this clip is old but you HAVE to add it on your bookmarks. It’s the best thing EVAR!!! You can play it over and over and over and over whenever you need a good laugh. God I love Marc. And Amanda. AND WILHELMINA! So hilarious I love it. I fucking love it! I really do.


  1. bb, this is soooo last season!!! wait till u find out what really happened 2 daniel’s purportedly dead brother in the current season!!!

  2. i already read the spoilers, thanks very much.
    i’m sorry but i have other pressing things in life than keep track on what’s CURRENTLY on tv.

  3. fucking love it. Ugly Betty’s only just started screening here in UK a few weeks ago and Im hooked for life. Wilhemena is the new, albeit toned down Patsy Stone

  4. me too!!! but the show airs thursday nights on the east coast which is usually when im flying back 2 nyc from wherever my other pressing things in life take me. that is why i tivo everything!!! try it, u’ll love it!!!

  5. H E R M E S

    Purportedly is such an ugly word. Couldn’t you have just used ‘supposedly’ instead?

  6. the only ugly words are those uttered in a deliberately pejorative (not in jest) manner, e.g., faggot, nigger, gook, motherfucker, etc. oh, and ugly (or fugly as bb would say) isoglossal (look it up), linguisto-nazis.

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