Naomi Campbell: Free at last… and fuck you bitches!

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032407_naomiNaomi Campbell: Free at last… and fuck you bitches!

Supermodel Naomi Campbell after finishing her final day of community service in New York.

British supermodel Naomi Campbell has been released from a garbage truck garage after completing five days of community service for assaulting her maid.

Campbell sauntered out of the Department of Sanitation facility in Manhattan, making her exit seconds after a garbage truck rolled through the area.

The pavement might as well have been a catwalk: She strutted through in a bare-shouldered, ankle-length shimmering gown and stiletto sandals, then stepped into her silver Rolls Royce and sped away as neighbourhood residents and paparazzi watched.

Watch her work it. She’s perfect!

Source: AP/SMH

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