Nan Kempner’s Closet Part Deux: The Art of Dressing

As some of you already know, the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute ended their "Nan Kempner: American Chic" exhibit over the weekend. As a little personal tribute to Mrs. Thomas Kempner herself and to all of her fans around the world, here’s an old piece from American Harper’s Bazaar.

I’m 100% sure that Nan’s astounding personal style and taste will always be remembered by generations upon generations to come. Nan is definitely, hands-down, the best-dressed socialite in the entire universe. Every dime a dozen hand-me-down-money rich bitch is a fucking rodent compared to her.

Thanks, Thomas from NYC for sharing these wonderful HB scans. Unless you have high-speed internet access, don’t even bother clicking the link because all the images you are about to see are ginormous! You may want to contact Harper’s Bazaar directly and purchase a back issue.

[Bryanboy's note: I'm terribly sorry if I dissected the thing into various pieces but I can't, for the life of god, find a "linkable" copy of this article online.]


Go figure.

I really need to get myself an Arab and/or a Belgian diamond thief one of these days.

I rest my case.

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