Must-read: THE BOOSTER by Jennifer Solow

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032307_solowMust-read: THE BOOSTER by Jennifer Solow

Ladies! It’s been a month since I last recommended a book to read and it’s GREAT timing that my author friend (is it because I could only count the number of friends I have using one hand hence the reason why I’m abusing the word ‘friend’ in the last blog posts? kidding) Jennifer Solow emailed me about her book entitled "The Booster: A Novel" published by Simon & Schuster.

What does a chic Manhattan kleptomaniac J.A.P (that’s Jewish American Princess to you) who loses her fabulous job, gorgeous photographer boyfriend and incompetent housekeeper do? She joins a Peruvian high fashion shoplifting ring, of course.

Jennifer told me she interviewed a shitload of rich lady kleptos and undercover FBI agents researching South American shoplifting rings. It’s a high-fashion snitch, swipe and shoplifting bonanza throughout NYC. Mariannnna is that you?

032307_boosterAnyway, the book was a national bestseller… Terry Richardson took photos of her (LUCKY LUCKY BITCH! I WANT TERRY RICHARDSON TO TAKE A PHOTO OF ME TOO WITH CUM STAINS LEFT BY OTHER GUYS ON THE BACK OF MY BRIEFS) in her underwear in the bowery and she was in People, W and Harper’s Bazaar magazine — with Madonna on the page beside hers. Hah!

She’s sent me an autographed copy (woohoo! thanks babe) and it’s on its way to the fabulous turd third world. I recommend that y’all order a copy now on so by the time I get mine, you’ll get yours too! Buy! Buy! Buy! I have a feeling you won’t regret it.

The Booster (Simon & Schuster 2006)
by Jennifer Solow

I’m gonna update my laundry list in a bit. Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

P.S. Will someone please find me a Jewish American Prince of my own? I need one with a big cock. Thank you.


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