Live from the 2007 Bloggies… in TEXAS

Written By bryanboy

Live from the 2007 Bloggies… in TEXAS

Live from Texassssss in the US of A, I present you this year’s bloggies!

Photo courtesy of Nikolai (

Am I gonna win a bloggie? Join the fun on IRC! I have a feeling I’m not gonna win because that PingMag website is serious competition. I mean come on, how can a little blogger from the third world compete with a online design magazine?

Cross your fingers. If I win this gig it only means one thing.

I’m fucking pretty.

P.S. Being a finalist is good enough anyway which means I’m still pretty so there.

[Edit – 1:59AM: Well, I lost. Congrats to Tokyo Girl Down Under for winning the Best Asian Weblog award! Time for me to get a liposuction I guess.]

[Edit – 2:08AM: Congrats to Zoe/My Boyfriend is a Twat for winning a bloggie! As for you, Photojunkie, let’s drown ourselves at the losers table.]


  1. commiserations, honey, but you’re my new friend :)
    btw, still want that liposuction ?

  2. its ok bryanboy. i still think you’re the best! i dont know why that tokyo girl won. her site is boring and she doesn’t have much personality. she’s not even japanese for godsake! well don’t despair. there’s always a next time. and yeah you do need a lipo you fat beyotch! lov yah!:)

  3. I was in Bloggies IRC last night – I wasn’t very talkative due to it being 3am in Australia – and I lost Best Aussie Blog to Breakfast blog. I noticed Tokyo Girl was in both Asian and Australian blogging categories. The only way that I can explain it is that she’s a clone that lives and blogs from both Asia and Australia.
    May I join this losers table?

  4. Unfair! Unfair! Unfair! Bryanboy, HOW MUCH was the fucking award? We all should have just bought that for you! Oh well, let´s just spend our money on something more fun like a Channel bag or something, shall we?

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