What's inside your handbag?

Written By bryanboy What’s inside your handbag?

You know what I need? I fucking need a maternity leave. That’s what I need. I feel like I just gave birth!!! It’s soo hard being a one-man circus. I had to do ALL the work by myself! But you know what? It’s all worth it in the end. You really don’t know how happy I am at the moment to finally get this baby off my plate. The feeling of having accomplished something is priceless.

After countless hours and several days of "work", ladies, trannies and gentlemen, I now present you the all-new!


There are a few things I need to add like a little link exchange button for those of you who would like to exchange links but other than that, all the main goodies are there — a showcase of what’s inside people’s handbags.

Go right ahead and bombard me with your submissions! I’d love to see what you keep inside your bags. Anonymity is 100% guaranteed unless you want me to credit you. Be sure to read the submission guidelines. Do keep in mind that all entries are welcome and I do not discriminate.

I’ll forever be indebted if you support my little online project – don’t keep it a secret! Tell everyone from Altus, Arkansas to Sydney, Australia. Help me promote my online venture to the world! We all deserve a second, third or maybe a fourth chance and this time around, I promise to dedicate time and effort on my little baby. I don’t want to be one of those irresponsible mothers who leave their kids to the nanny while they snort cocaine at 7 in the morning.

With that being said… I hope you enjoy the new site and check back often because I’ll update it lots!

I love you all! You guys inspire me to do more and more and more and more and more and more and more!


  1. I would love to help you! Just give me a couple of days! Lots of love Sophie♥ from Sweden

  2. If only my bag was in the least bit interestng, you could peak inside.
    Let me buy some cocaine, pocket vibrators, a whip, and a hip flask containing lindsay lohan brand water, and then you may peek.

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