Graff Ring.

Written By bryanboy

Graff Ring.

You want ostentation I’ll give you ostentation. Tasteful ostentation. Meet the ultimate cocktail ring. 30.43 cts, fancy yellow cushion-cut diamond rung from who else — The House of Graff — purveyors of the MOST FABULOUS JEWELS IN THE WORLD — LITERALLY!

I’ve been a big fan of Graff for the longest time now because a lot of their pieces are downright beautiful. A friend and I browsed some pieces online earlier. Nothing beats a good ol’ simple, beautiful rock set in the simplest possible way ever — afterall, it’s the rock that has to radiate! Anything with little diamonds or stones on the side or whatever is simply too gaudy.

Now this, on the other hand, is sheer beauty.

Ooooh the memories. The first time I set foot inside a Graff boutique was in London’s Bond Street was back in the dark ages. I’ll never forget having Dolce & Gabbana (yes, as in Dolce & Gabbana) within a spitting distance away from me.

Naturally I came out empty handed.

At least I got free champagne. LOL.

030107_chinchilla_1Wouldn’t it be soo funny if I scar someone’s face with that absolutely stunning & beautiful fuck-you finger 30.43ct yellow diamond adornment? Got a a couple of million DOLLARS lying around? If I have to ask, I can’t afford it. And clearly I don’t have the guts to ask my fairy godmother because it’s blatantly obvious that it would take wayyy more than selling my soul to satan for me to be able to "acquire it".

Finger candy available at Graff, Las Vegas.

Photo courtesy of my fairy godmother, of course.

Remember kids — it’s free to dream!

Failing that, there’s always costume jewelry…. or NEW chinchilla cooats for for the less-fortunate such as myself. =) WE NEED FILTHY RICH ARABS! NOW!!!! OTHERWISE, BELGIAN DIAMOND THIEVES WILL DO JUST FINE.


  1. Sky High

    When I look at that ring it reminds me of the lyrics from Upgrade U -“Cause that rock on ya finger is like a tumor, You can’t put ya hand in ya new purse, It’s humorous” -Jay Z
    ..and it would be humorous if it was on my finger and I was the one laughing but instead I just have to dream right along with u.
    Its simply gorgeous. Truly a girls best friend.

  2. I used to love you but now I HATE YOU! anyone who wears fur is a LOSER!!!!! you should know better!!!!!!

  3. Hi Bryanboy.. I love your blog. It’s great that you can be yourself and stay true.
    Keep the faggotry alive, if I’m correct..
    By the way, what religion are you?

  4. It’s a beautiful ring but i think it might look fake on the wrong person, like a cheap crystal cocktail ring.
    Well who cares it’s not like we can afford it anyway lol.
    Love your site Bryan.

  5. rabbit

    James, do a Kobe and get this for Kris! Kris, this is the best way to shut HOPE up!! Hope, shut up … all this controversy is just making Nonoy famous … he’ll end up becoming a senator!

  6. Then Im a loser too, just got a sheared mink 3/4 with chinchilla collar.
    Go Bryan and your bad self in your chincilla coat!

  7. eclair

    Of course Bryan wears fur, what kind of raging queen would he be if he didnt’? And as a raging queen he really deserves that rock to be on his finger, it’s true hotness. Christ bryanboy, pimp your site out a little more, I’m sure there’s room for more advertising!!!

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