Forever Flawless?

Forever flawless is something that I’m not. LOL.

I’m soo sorry for the delay with my pictionaries… I’ve been sooo busy the past few weeks it’s insane! Blogging bits and pieces are easy and effortless (hence all the little entries here and there) but y’all have to know that behind the scenes, there’s a huge backlog on my plate, soo many projects, soo many little meetings, soo many distractions, soo many soo many! Not to mention all the things going on around the world at the moment. I love it though — I’ve never been soo productive in my life!

I’m supposed to be relaunching my SUPER NEGLECTED BAD BAG LOVE CHILD (you all know what I’m talking about) sometime today but I haven’t really started yet. My sleeping habits are totally fucked up and I have ZERO time management skills. It’s 7:06PM and I just popped a valium — it takes about an hour to kick in so hopefully I’ll wake up at around 2AM and get 6 hours worth of sleep (versus the usual 3 or 4 that I get).

I’m telling you all… these 10mg pills are such a godsend! I’ve tried every pill under the sun like mogadon, xanax, rivotril and stilnox but nothing beats good ol’ diazepam.

God I’m sooo full of shit. I actually prefer xanax and rivotril but I’m too lazy and can’t be bothered to go to my shrink and get a prescription.

The last time I took benzos was like last year. I’d normally just use them for a few weeks to fix my sleeping habits then I’d take a break for a few months. I don’t wanna be dependent on this shit.

Anyhoooo. Let’s play pictionary shall we?

The managers and PR people of Forever Flawless (, who, btw, are all lovely and nice, recently invited me to a little dinner, you know, chit chat galore and discuss a few things here and there. =) It’s always nice to meet new lovely people in this very small town. Forever Flawless is a chain that offers all sorts of face and body treatments such as facials, body scrubs, waxing, hand & foot treatments, mesotherapy, peels, non-invasive procedures for the body, etc.

Lookie lookie at the prices — bikini wax for 300 third world bucks.. that’s like what, US$6? Full body scrub at 2,000 which i approx US$40. Not bad eh? Gotta love third world prices! I’m telling you all — everything her eis cheap! LOL.

They’re "kinda/sorta/but not really" related to the clinic I go to, Belo Medical Group ( except Forever Flawless is targeted towards a different demographic. Both clinics, however, offer similar services except the pricing with "FF" are more affordable and geared towards your average consumer. For instance, a majority of Forever Flawless’ clinics are conveniently located in malls whereas the place I go to (Belo) have a stand-alone clinic etc etc.

I have to be honest though and I’ve never had anything done with Forever Flawless so maybe I’ll give it a shot. You know, like a body scrub or something. With nasty skin like mine, you can never have enough body scrubs.

030107_beloThe guy wearing the black shirt on my left, Joey, is my sister’s childhood best friend/close family friend and he’s the nephew of Dr. Belo, one of the top cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines. I’ve known Joey for at LEAST 8 years but it was only a few years ago that I found out that he’s related with the most fabulous doctor in the country. LOL.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Dr. Belo many many years ago — she even called me the best dressed patient in her clinic! And to think, I looked absolutely SHITTY! Hahaha! Maybe it’s because we had the same Dior bag that day and we all know designer labels trump looks — well, at least mine, any time of the day.

I’m kidding. Dr. Belo is seriously the nicest person ever. We haven’t really bonded as in BFF bond bond bonded but based on the countless stories I’ve heard about her, she’s a very down to earth person and she REALLY deserv all the success she got in life. She’s an inspiration to many.

God I sound as if I’m kissing her ass. HAHAHA

Noooo!!! It’s all true though! I swear.

If anything, it’s my friend’s Joey’s ass that I should be kissing for me to get freebies!

Hahahaha god I’m such a freeloader.


Nah. EEEW! In all honesty though, freeloading isn’t really my cup of tea — I have pride and dignity you know (believe it or not)  and in spite of other people saying "oh I’m sure if you ask nicely you can get it for free", I’d rather chew bullets and just save up my own $$$ and splurge on my own :P The only time I’ll take something for free is when people genuinely offered something to me — then obviously I won’t refuse.

I just can’t stomach asking people for favours. I mean, ok, fine, I won’t deny that I haven’t asked anyone for favours but it really is an awkward thing to do so. There’s personal pride, fear of rejection, etc. So why bother?

The only thing that I can say is that the sense of pride in getting something basd on your own hard work/merit is different and priceless. A lot of people are surprised and tell me "oh you’re Bryanboy blah blah blah you should blah blah blah".

But yeah.. it’s just not me I guess.

In any case, I prolly have spent far too much manola with the folks at my clinic no wonder they gave me a gold card last year! HAHAHA Obagi Circle of Friends forever! I was just talking about it to one of my good friends earlier and we had a blast! It’s sooo CUTE!!!

Well, I did get a free dinner when I got the card so what the hell so I shouldn’t be complaining. *wink wink*

(OK.. confession time. I guess I’m just envious cause one of Singapore’s top bloggers got a fucking nose job with Singapore’s TOP plastic surgeon worth $12,000 for FREE.) So there.

I guess I just have to save up $$$ to get a nose job then.

But to be honest with you, I’d frankly save up $$$ and get a FULL BODY liposuction instead.

Now going back on the topic…


So yeah, we had dinner at this new place in Greenbelt called "Tropezz".

The food was scrumptious, everyone ordered all sorts of stuff from pasta, to pizza, etc. It’s a cosy little place and everyone, including the owners and the chefs are soo friendly. They even gave me two bottles of wine as a little present. How sweet!

Man they really spoiled me rotten.

I even got a little privilege card. HAHAHAHA! Woohoo! I feel special. I’m shallow, I know. LOL. (Ignore my camera’s flash on the card btw.)

Everyone had glorious food. They even had crispy pata (deep fried pork knuckles with fantastic crispy skin) — one of my ultimate weaknesses — but I did my darn best to avoid it.

Hello, I’m on a diet so all I did was take a nibble or two here and there.

Remember: a pleasure to the lips means 10 pounds to the hips.

Everyone fed themselves with proper food and all I had was this fabulous crab something soup.

Yep. That’s about it.

For real.

Y’all know I’m trying to get down to 100-110 pounds tops because I’m soo obese (I’m 5’9/5’10 I think).. but yeah… it’s all about self-control!

See? I managed to resist temptation this time. :)

After dinner, popped by my usual haunt, M Cafe for a little bit of cocktails. God I missed those lychee martinis. Incidentally, Dunhill had a party at that night. Whatevs. :)

Today’s Obligatory Paparazzi Shot

Just for your reference….

Forever Flawless:
Belo Medical Group:
Tropezz Restaurant & Bar: Greenbelt 3, Makati City

That’s about it, really.

I really had soo much fun that night. It was very refreshing. I just hope I made a good impression with them. Y’all know how foul my mouth is sometimes. Hahaha!

For the record, nobody paid my to make this entry… this is just good ol’ me blogging the things that have happend in my mundane life. LOL

Email me and tell me you love me! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!

P.S. It’s funny how it’s already 8:15 and I’m still WIDE awake. Oh dear. Should I sleep or should I blog more?

What do you think?