Douching 101: Bryanboy's Guide to Cleaning Your Ass Before Engaging in Anal Sex

Written By bryanboy

Douching 101

Every time I talk about anal sex with straight people, especially with pure and innocent ladies, the first question they ask me is… "does it hurt"… which is immediately followed by… "what about shit?"

Well, you’re about to find out a little secret that I personally do for a successful sodomy sexperience. Many of you will probably benefit with advice coming from a former POWER BOTTOM (god how I hate that term) so click click click! BTW, this entry is dedicated to Shaniqua, who emailed me early last week asking for help.

I have always been a bottom boy. I really, really, really enjoy getting things shoved up my arse. Words cannot describe the feeling of having a nice, long, fat, throbbing cock punch your prostate while you jack off watching CNN or Fashion TV.


032907_firstI’ll never forget the time I bought a douche. I must have been 15 or 16 years old.

I went to a drugstore one day to buy some sundries like chewing gum, cotton etc. and then I found this thing on the shelf called "VAGINAL DOUCHE". Being the curious cat that I am, I opened the box and saw this soft, pink plastic thing that was shaped like a burger with a removable nozzle. I had absolutely NO clue what the hell that was for (it said something on the instructions on how you remove the thing and put liquid inside) but I ended up buying the thing anyway cause I thought it might be useful in the future.

When I got home a couple of hours later, I thought I’d play with my newfound toy. I went to the shower, filled the thing with water, and squirted away until I dropped the kids in the toilet.

The nozzle was about 4 inches long, roughly the size of a stabilo boss highlighter and it was as thick as a baby cigar. It had these tiny little holes in the end. To sum it up, it was like getting fucked by an Asian child.

Just kidding.

I swear to mother fucking god it was the most surreal and awkward experience in my entire life. It didn’t hurt, no, but it’s like having a pen shoved up your ass. I also didn’t like the fact that the holes were tiny, therefore resulting to limited water flow —  I had to clean the nozzle using our bidet several times because the thing was practically covered with shit.

After 30 minutes, I made the conclusion that it wasn’t for me.

I couldn’t just throw it away in the garbage bin because there’s a remote chance that people might see it.

So I hid it.

Away from prying eyes.

Not in my room, of course.

Fast forward a couple of months later, my mom somehow found the thing and started interrogating everyone in the house as to who it belongs to. I almost had a coronary.

When it was my turn, I simply shrugged her off, telling her hello… I don’t have a vagina.

God must have listened my prayers because earlier that week, one of our maids quit so I said to my mum, maybe it was hers.

And that was the end of it. No words escaped my mouth in regards to the little pink douche. In fact, I’ve kept this to myself for soo long. Nobody knows about it. AT ALL.

I made a pact that I will NEVER EVER EVER INFINITY EVER purchase, use and possess such object of filth and sin EVER again in my entire life.


Once upon a time back in the dark ages, I used to be versatile. You know — I fucked AND I got fucked. Now I don’t really like fucking holes but when push comes to a shove, I’ll end up compromising and just do the deed to please a shag.

When one of my former boyfriends asked me to fuck his ass, I thought, ok, fine, whatever.

So we fucked.

And we fucked.

And we fucked.

20 minutes later, I got shit on my dick, shit on my legs, shit on his bum and shit on the sheets.

It was everywhere.

The stench was unbearable. Pure agony, if you’re gonna ask me.

And when you’ve got shit on your body, you have NO CHOICE but to wash yourself using your hands.

Not only the shit remains on your body, you get to touch/feel it too.

The experience was soo traumatising I still have emotional scars.

That was around 8 years ago.

Which is the last time I fucked someone in the ass.

Never again, I’m telling you.


People often think that all they need to do before they get fucked in the ass is to take a shit. They’re wrong.

I’ve spoken to several faggots over the years and it’s quite interesting to hear their responses whenever I ask them how they prepare themselves for a fuck. Some people just take a shit, some use a douche/enema , some even use a bath hose and some don’t do anything at all!

032907_evianThe only thing more disgusting than finding someone else’s shit on your cock is finding your OWN shit on someone else’s cock. I’ve been there too so I know what my ex felt although I have to admit, mine wasn’t as EXTREME as his. I got fucked by this Swiss guy once — everything was fantastic — the sex was amazing — when he pulled out, there was like a tiny spot or two on his cock head. I was all like OMG but he was like I shouldn’t fuzz about it because it was "nothing". There I was, soo embarassed about the experience and he was being totally cool and even joked on how "it felt good knowing I do eat afterall" whereas I completely lost it and screamed like a madwoman when it happened to me and my ex.

What do you expect when you’re poking a poop chute?

I’ll share to you all my little technique.

So far, I’m the only person (to my knowledge at least) who does it.

032907_douching 1) Get a bottle or two of mineral water. Still and most definitely NOT sparkling. Room temperature only please. Personally I prefer Evian but any mineral water would do.

2) Strip yourself naked. While standing up, use one hand to ‘position’ the bottle cap area to your ass. If you can put the opening up your hole, the better. You don’t want water to spill all over the place.

3) Squirt as MUCH water inside your ass as possible — squirt long and hard — you don’t want to do tiny squirts because you want the water to reach wayyy deep where the sun doesn’t shine. Be careful ***NOT*** to squirt dirty water back into the bottle.

4) Keep the water inside your ass. Count 1 to 20. Hold it. Hold it in. Hold it all in like a mother protecting her child.

5) Jump a few times. Yes. Jump… then purge everything in the toilet bowl as if you’re taking a shit.

6) Repeat steps 3 to 5 until the water that comes out of your ass is ***crystal clear***. Be sure to PURGE everything. You sooo don’t want to fart nasty crap when someone is giving you a rim job. Eeew! Que horror!

7) Wait a few minutes, relax, smoke a cigarette, etc.

8) Wash your ass with soap and water.

And there you have it. Your ass is good to go and you can now star in your own gangbang creampie video. You can even let guys felch you. It’s fun!

Remember: mineral water is your best friend.

Email me bitches! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. You use Evian? How glamorous.
    I do the same thing (sans Evian, although now that may change)– once I made the mistake of using a soapy bottle (oops). I felt like I was pooping out jet fuel.
    I would actually eat nothing for 24 hours (except drink water), and then douche prior to anal sex.
    I wanted him to think that I was fabulously clean. Anyway, I remember starving myself and we didn’t end up having anal sex, anyway.
    And when I finally orgasmed I almost died from exhaustion.
    Cleanliness is next to godliness, kids.

  2. Hahaha! The funniest entries I’ve read! BB, you’re very naughty. But I find this as one of the most relevant topics you ever discussed. I’ve been bothered with this question: Is it safe and hygienic shagging an ass? And boy, you nailed the answer! From time to time, you should write about 101 tips on taboo topics like this one. We learn on what you write, you know. What’s the significance of using mineral water? For those who can’t afford Evian or other brands of mineral water, can they just use tap water instead?

    1. Stuart

      Sugar, you should still watch what you eat. All the anal douches in the world won’t completely clean you out if you eat a burrito then try and bottom.

      1. lol same I refuse to eat anything within 5 days of sex and tops are a handful

    2. Bi versatile

      Sometimes shit keeps comming after a 100 times douching, so I would recommend 4 things before:
      1st not eating anything 24 hours prior to your cleaning ritual
      2nd hold your shit prior to take your douche/bath as long as you can, so you can build a good big dry dump. If you are used to shit twice a day I would recommend to hold on your shit and wait until your last meal is part of that big dry cake.
      3rd the dry cake, how to achieve it? Well nothing works better than alcohol, yes, drink as much buzz as you can 24 hours before, this will dry out your shit making it much more solid and easier to clean out.
      4th inbetween douches grab your good old long double headed dildo and fuck yourself until the long one comes out sterile.
      Now just wait until your anus shuts and the very last drops of water inside you are absorbed. You are good to go, ass to mouth, drip out the cum of your man and eat it.

  3. olander badaso 4rm ph

    you’re blog is getting boring this past few weeks, except for this one. I am an enthusiastic bottom as well, and I, while sparing myself to the cost of one evian, might follow the procedures you have uttered.
    You’ve got one expensive ass, bryanboy! Pricey indeed!

  4. almost_libelous

    OMG, Bryanboy! This stuff is made for the Best How-to-sex story of all time! Thank you thank you thank you. Very educational!

  5. OMG. No comment.
    Coffee shot out of my nose.
    Excellent entry.

  6. jo kiss

    try to add a little liquid vaginal soap to the evian. Twice the effect in half the time.

    1. BlissfulLife

      That’s several steps up from Evian ;)

      Seriously, though – don’t try this at home, kids. Alcohol douches will kill you. Everything absorbs much more quickly from that end.

  7. pepefromspain

    great lesson!! it’ll be part of my making-up session before going out on weekends!! lol!!

  8. Beverly Pills

    I’m a woman and have never had anal sex for many reasons–including, but not limited to the ones mentioned in this post. I don’t understand the men that want to pound someone’s ass with the possibility of THAT coming out. The guys that get to shag you are lucky — I don’t know many men or women who would be as fastidious with their hygiene habits.

  9. finally know i now why the fuck i get shit all over the place thnx bryan boy for making me find the reaal me!!! hiihaahi love you even more bitch!!!

  10. Narcissiste

    OH. MY. GOD. I’m a girl, and my ex used to get down on his knees and beg me to let him stick his huge erection in my tiny little asshole, but since he was a pervert, he loved to come in my mouth (and no way was I going to risk swallowing my own shit) so I had a special technique:
    – drink only liquids (soy milk, yellow grapefruit juice, evian and/or perrier) for days
    – drink a hot lemon tea when I wake up (5 minutes later, you feel like you’re going to shit your intestines!)
    – do the same thing you described but with warm water in those “nomad” versions of evian bottles, so you can stick the little thing in and squirt water into your ass 100 miles/hour!
    Result? Squeeky clean perverted intense multiple orgasms sex. C’est ça l’amour (ou la perversité)!

  11. Ivan_kay

    Wahahaha…What a good entry. But an evian bottle up the ass? Geez can it ever get in? Arghh…Thanks for the info…helpful…very helpful!! Thanks BB!

  12. Ivan_kay

    Wahahaha…What a good entry. But an evian bottle up the ass? Geez can it ever fit the hole? Arghh…Thanks for the info…helpful…very helpful!! Thanks BB!

  13. Do you shake the bottle first or do you just squeeze it? Inquiring minds want to know.

  14. OMG. To the girl who swallowed her boyfriend’s cum after he fucked her in the ass. YOU ARE DISGUSTING. Please cease and desist that sort of behaviour. Unless of course, you like to eat shit!!!! FUCKING GROSS PUTA!!!

    1. WOW, utterly narrow minded aren’t you? Who are you to judge her and what she enjoys. Go tighten your blinders and enjoy your plain Jane missionary position.

  15. this post is the shits. pun not intended.
    how do squirt the water in? do you remove the bottle cap or pierce a hole unto it?

  16. Dior_Bitch

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! i think im scarred for life!!!

  17. Dior_Bitch

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! i think im scarred for life!!!

  18. OMFG!
    i am planning to have my first try on anal-lissimo tonight… and im still scared-shit about douching/cleaning/ek… thanks bryanboy you are ass-(er…heaven-)sent! mwaaaah!

  19. slutboitoi

    oh la la! pretty educational and funny at the same time! that should be included on the SEX EDUCATION course outline to be tought in secondary or primary school.


  21. i hope you accidentally cough, and u suck that entire bottle up ur ass

  22. You can also have the bidet squirt water in your ass long and hard. Easier that way ;)

  23. Defintely CLEAN before getting fucked!
    Enema is the easiest one to use. It’s really built for cleaning the ass, as used in the hospitals. Also better not to eat at least 6 hours prior. To be crazy about it, laxatives can also be used.

  24. Well… if you engage in anal sex it will one day happen that you have shit on your dick (being the active part) or noticing your own shit on that dick having given you these “mmmh” pleasures…. Well SHIT happens… but it’s just natural and nothing to freak out about!!! That doesn’t mean, I am not into scat play!!!
    I am rather cleansed out and in… cuz then I don’t have to worry about anything unwanted finding its way out in the sunshine…
    I use a plug that I attach to the shower hose… But I only wish that those studly fuckers would made their contribution to the water bill of the fuckees!!! *grin*

  25. love your writing really hepls a lot peace out!! wanna see you dear and have some fun hahaha

  26. naughtyboi from manila

    has anyone tried this ? coz normally i dont smell or see anything down my ass whenever i crave to be pounded eheh… but last night omg was the worst, new pal from the neighborhood got 1 rod thats so big and its my first time to be pounded with such , was so embarrassed but still he’s a nice guy he told me that its ok .. but will surely try ur technique .. thx

  27. yo boyz:
    I can’t believe with all the ass pounding amongst us that there isn’t more “how to” just squirting all over the net. Anyway, I’ll never forget the first time I fingered a guy and ended up fingering a little gift up there. All it did was confirm all my bad associations with anal. Here’s a couple of extra tips. If you have a shower with a hand-held attachmnt, you can remove the head and power clean (everything in moderation, mind you), in a fraction of the time. Use a count system to gage how long to fill up the tank. Go too far, and you induce all sorts of mid-intestinal purging (like getting the flu, and totally unnecessary). Another tip – a little toothpaste applied by finger to your back doorstep (pre-fun), or to your finger (post-fun), can do wonders, in addition to soap. Be clean, not mean.

    1. The fingering a little gift up there part is too funny I’m crying with laughter

  28. justaguy

    Me and my boyfriend are both virgins and i’m going to fuck him tomorrow. I’m really nervous about getting shit on me ha, and all of this is useful information for the one taking it up the ass, but how do i make sure he’s clean without being to rude about it.

  29. WoooooHo Nice Guide Man I tried it right after i finished reading but with one different i used Tap Water and right after that i fingered my self and it worked man NICE Guide . 16 Year Old Virgin P.S: I’m Not Gay Or Straight i think i’m BI

  30. i was drinking a bottle of evian water as i read this
    now i am not sure that i want to finish it… great info though!

  31. omgoshh the same thing happened 2 me i had anal 4 teh first time last week n i got shyt on hiz hands hiz legs my legss it was sooooooo embarassing
    u were veryy help ful i thought i would have 2 go buy all this crap but bottle water is good n ezz

  32. dianacaroline

    i came on here looking for ways to get my bf’s ass clean so i can rim him stupid, and was shocked to hear that some of you don’t eat for days, etc. i’m so glad i don’t have to squirt things up my ass or sacrifice actual food. i honestly have to say that i just have a miraculously clean ass and have never had any of the problems my bf (and i guess everyone else in the world) has. i just figured girls are by nature clean as can be, and boys are yucky. jk :)

  33. Nomorebottom

    The best way for anal sex is for the bottom to use a femidom, coated with non-irritating water-based lubricant and insert that into the asshole with a little round (non-tearing) dildo.
    That way, there will be no need to clean (just need to take a crap and do an external rinse), keeping your flora and fauna and good bacteria in anus intact.
    Make sure there are no tears or thinning in the Femidom.
    You can also add a lot of lubricant in the inside of the Femidom so that it feels like a soft and moist vagina for the whoever is the top.
    ALWAYS KEEP THE RING OUT (be careful of the entire thing slipping in, if the ring is too slippery). Always use your finger to make sure the ring is in place while he is fucking you.
    And after sex, without changing position, pull out the entire used Femidom SLOWLY, and immediately place it in an airtight ziploc bag and discard it.
    Rinse external area. DO NOT DOUCHE because this kills your good anal bacteria and pushes viruses, bacteria deeper into your intestines and causes many diseases and even death.

  34. Nomorebottom

    However, femidom has a 26% failure rate meaning you let in HIV etc…while a condom has a 15% failure rate. So it’s best to abstain, and keep for the one partner you are going to couple with for life (and also ensure he is monogamous throughout). If you have an iota of suspicion that he’s not monogamous, DO NOT engage in anal sex because RECEPTIVE ANAL SEX is the main source of transmission for HIV1 and HIV2 viruses that leads to AIDS.

  35. Nomorebottom

    Do not use a femidom if you have polyurethane or related allergies.
    Some people have a fatal allergic reaction to this meaning the material shocks their system and they could develop infections in their anal canal, intestines and die.
    So be very careful and always know your allergic reactions to products and keep to trusted products.

  36. you can also buy from trader joe’s… psyillum its an Egyptian secret…. you mix two tables spoons with water and drink… what its does is cleanse your system so when you do shit, you shit it all out.. leaves the inside and outside of your ass clean with out having to stick water up there.. just take it the night before shit the next day and your ready to go in a few hours.. works great and ive never gotten shit on anyone’s dick ever since!!

  37. omg this is gorgeous!!! i’ll def try this!! but the only thing i concern is the evian & evian bottle. i think it’s kinda hard to stick the bottle into the ass and squirt it, and evian for cleaning the ass is totally a waste, it’s just like using silk to wipe out ur hole after u shit.
    i think shower hose is more pleasurable =]

  38. very nice suggestion. i’m a tranny fucker and have had awesome luck finding a gorgeous transsexual who is now my gf and who seems to be clean as a whistle every time i pound her little ass. We fuck bare and only have to use i little bit of spit as lube (yeah, she’s awesome like that!) Since i met her 3 months ago we’ve been fucking like rabbits and only time i ever saw a little speck of the brown stuff was when i used a bunch of lube. The reason i mention this is that in my experiences with this girl and other partners, it seems that the more lube you use, the dirtier things get. So, if you are lucky enough to find someone who doesn’t need much lube, go that route. peace.

  39. Well, I used to do something different before anal sex. But it worked: I get some ice cubes into my ass and hold them for a minute until they melt… I just think that it’s easier than getting the bottle, specially for beginners. But, yes, you are going to feel cold down there.

  40. Maelynz

    These posts are great! Thanks for the belly laughs, and the useful information. . . Um not that I would eva engage in such naughty behavior! :)

  41. Henry

    hahaha…what evian bottle look like? not actually 24 hours u have to generate pasting…it takes only 12.

  42. Henry

    nice…im using a water host with high pressure to clean my hole up… but sometimes even if it is already clean, i felt im going to poop again, so i clean again, and felt it again…its like never ending process…i feel like im having diarrhea and when i feel that, suddenly i dont wanna be fucked anymore coz it by experience i dont get pleasure anymore just pain and while someone fucking me i feel like im gonna poop. so everything will just be wasted… i will tell the guy to just go home…mybe nextime.

  43. mr_clean

    Very interesting technique…
    My first step before a enema is to shoot a full syringe (10cc) of glycerin inside my ass. This acts as a mega suppository !

  44. Wish i had read this months ago as my gay stepson has been shoving something up his ass and wiping his shit on my bathroom towel when he’s done!!! I am going to leave a bottle of water on his bed and see what happens next!!

  45. Likeitbi

    Tried this technique, it works great. I am a 16 year old bivirgin who likes it both ways, or all three ways for that matter. It is so clean up there now. Don’t put it in just press it to your hole and squeeze, the water goes right in.

  46. Hi Brian
    Laughed a bit reading your lines. I usually drink a hot drink before cleaning myself, then do some walk. this will make your intestines work. It’s a muscle that is not constantly working, and with heat it starts working- remember the babies a short after drinking hot milk, they «do» :)
    I personally use the shower flexible tube with hot water. Just pour a small quantity of hot water inside, and wait a little as you say. Then let it out. do it again, massaging your bely clockwise. You can also do abdominal (abs) exercises afterwards. This will make again your muscle of the intestine work again, and two or three washes you’re clean and ready to take everybody in in a clean way :)))). have a blast BB. You’re super ! Paul

  47. Had an embarrassing moment much like yours, he wasn’t Swiss…Anywho…
    I’ve always done that technique as well, and recently I discovered…Just, how weird other folks do it. I watched my boyfriend do it once, just…I dunno, queer curiosity?
    Anyway, I get one of those cheap bottles of whatever Coke is selling today, not Vitamin water…Though that may make rimming a more, tasty experience.
    Anywho, yes, anywho, so gay. He gets undressed, lays on his back in the running shower…And then pulls out this full sized Liter bottle of Dr. Pepper and fills it with water, wedges the monster cap hole in his ass and just lays there, with…Me, kinda wondering just how tight he is. Casual conversation ensues, we talk of weather, sports, moving to Mexico…And then, before I know it. “I gotta poop. Please leave.”
    Why did I tell this story? Sounded so funny in my head….

  48. To be honest all you need is a good dietary fiber supplement. I use pure for men. Take a few caps a day with my meal and I’m good to go without any excess worrying. They have free samples to in case you want to try it out.

  49. hi. My name is Ramin. 22age from Iran Theran.
    Im bottom boy gay. I want Top boy gay for….
    In Iran there are strict rules and I can do that. Help me

  50. Enemas are great , but its also important to clean from the inside out. Pure for men is a dietary supplement designed to keep you clean when it matter most! Check it out at .

  51. Omg this was such a good story lol and I am Def. taking this tip and using it!! Couldn’t have explained any better 👌👌

  52. I’ve been wanting to do anal with my boyfriend but my digestive system is all messed up. I’m going to try this for sure. Thank you so much for the tip, Bryan. Hopefully this really works for me, and I won’t feel gross about doing anal.

  53. I douche before and after each sexual encounter to make sure I’m clean for my next lover.

  54. Good read! Thanks all. Best thing that works for me is;

    Don’t eat the day you are having anal sex.
    Dousche with the bottle method or a actual dousche an hour or less before.
    Fill and release 5 to 10 times but do not over fill. About 2 or 3 cups at a time will do.
    I like to do it in the shower but over the toilet works fine too.
    A little bit of tooth paste is great to freshen the ass hole for rimming

    Happy analing!

  55. I’m new to gay anal sex. I just turned 18 and my boyfriend finally wants to take our relationship to the next level. I freaked out. Being a bottom, and a new one at that, I was worried about the whole “anal shit” thing. This really helped. Thanks.

  56. Prince_Zeta

    Seriously, I loved your stories but most of all the cleaning tips ;0 I am so ready to be sparkling clean in there. Thanks so much for your blog post looove it!

    1. I always douche before and after my lover cum inside me some days I will have more then one lover and it feels so good to have a big penis inside my clean love canal.

  57. U can even use of a hand shower or hand jet streems which has better results than this bottle one and is so easy that can b done every morning :) stay clean happy hygien.

  58. It’s OK to douch once in a while but it’s not healthy to do it constantly because you kill the natural flora in your intestine and that is what helps keep you healthy and fight off infections.
    I honestly don’t have any suggestions as to other things ppl can do. What I do is when I take a shower I not only clean the outside with soap I also stick my fingers in and clean it out that way. And before taking the shower I make sure I take a shit. That has worked for me. I also make sure I feel well and I have not eaten anything greasy or with a lot of milk.

  59. Pan woman here – anal is my fav!!! I have had anal for years and basically just make sure I have a high fiber diet and black towels on hand. I’m also a nurse. A little tiny bit of poop is not gonna kill ya. But I will try this technique just to see….. Laxative enema was a big no-no. That was so painful!!! I strongly encourage all women to try anal. It feels so good!! Just RELAX. Also – get a strap on and top if possible. That’s also a lot o fun ;) happy fucking!!!!

    Teegz in Chicago

  60. Thank you so much for this! My husband loves using the back door and my biggest fear is the shit getting on him! The first time he tried it is crying and screamed because there was my shit on him! Ugh. Gross! Alas we got a “man sized” douche to hold enough water after I read this. Got me a case of mineral water and followed your detailed instructions (except I smoked a bowl-CO) and we had amazing sex! Especially after getting a butt plug for the pain that may have been endured. You saved our marriage, like seriously. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  61. Im not gay but some guys are irresistible so I always use a douche I think is easy and clean, whats wrong with it?

  62. It is 2016 and just found your blog about douching. What a great find!

    It is fun to read and practical.

    This was my first time douching. So I liked what you describe and tried…

    First time and I enjoyed it. The jumping part is fun and practical. It totally worked for me :-)

    Thank you!



    You must use a lubricated tip that is SAFE to insert into your anus. That is why the vaginal douche the writer bought earlier in life was shaped that way. IT IS VERY UNSAFE TO INSERT A BOTTLE TIP INTO YOUR ANUS. The sharp edges and unlubricated top will hurt and put you at risk for STDs.

    You can cause cuts and scrapes along your butthole and insides which is damaging and dangerous itself but PUTS YOU AT EVEN MORE GREATER RISK FOR STD INFECTION.

    To the uneducated and careless writer, you are not an expert or have any professional degrees. PLEASE STOP PUTTING OUT THIS FALSE AND DANGEROUS INFORMATION.

  64. Why don’t you all just use those pills pornstars use? I’d suggest looking into it

  65. The very first time I fucked a man in the ass, I did not what to think when he grabbed my cock and it got so hard. he started sucking on my cock then he wanted up deep in his ass. I did not know what I was thinking, and when I put it up his ass. It felt better then PUSSY!!! and yes I was afraid that he was going to shit all over my cock but no poop at all. then I decide to give it a try. I used a enema bag to clean my ass out and I did it for about 30 min and when he but his cock inside me it hurt so bad and I did not want to do it again. but a few weeks later I want to try it again and we used a lot of lube and when he was all the way in and stared fucking me it felt like heaven and now when I get fucked I want it hard and fast. Yes my ass is sore afterwards but I felt so good. the other day he wanted to do me BB and I let him and that feeling of him shooting that load of cum in my ass OMG now I want him to fuck me all the time BB the feeling is amazing.

  66. Love,love LOVE this! OMG! You damn adorable little minx – THANK YOU!!!!! (((((HUGGLES!!!!))))
    I am a straight chick – well mostly . . . a few shots of Patron and a willing third wheel – well you know ;)
    But back to the good stuff. The guy I’m with loves anal and I’m totally loving it too – but once afterwards I was cleaning up and found some tissues with poop on them. I mean, he handled the situation really cool – but I was mortified and thought he’d probably never call back. He did but now I’m just all freaked out and I don’t enjoy because I’m so scared about the poop thing. I purchased some enemas but the directions are all about saying it as ‘vanilla’ as they can. NO hard squirts, jumping, repeating! This makes more sense and I’m so thankful you shared this! Thanks again and all the very best to you!

  67. getting fucked in your boy’s pussy is the greatest physical and emotional experience. I do what ever need to in order to make my man feel good, I always put a supository and then use a vaginal duche several times till comes out clean. Always work Im happy and he is. When he want to cum in my mouth always do it first .

  68. Question. Is there a safe way for ATM without getting I coli? I get it fasting, enema, but is there any disinfecting solution to use?

  69. I buy disposable enemas (saline solution) and empty out the saline solution, then fill it with tap water. The enema is already perfectly designed for the job. I usually clean myself out 4-6 times before a sex date where I hope to get a cock in me. Also, I take an over the counter (mild) anti diarrhea pill. The problem is that your body doesn’t stop moving inside, but the pill helps you at least keep it solid and have more chance of keeping it up inside instead of moving down where you don’t want it.

    1. do you want to know whats our best friend? The bidet , not in every bathroom at least in America but when you seat and ley the stream go with some preasure, the watter gets in you, you let go, more watter in so on several times, thats the best douche you can get.

  70. I’m a 15 year old boy. This was really helpful. I’m gay so yeah. Does anyone live in Oklahoma City and want to go out with me?

  71. Katerina

    Thank you so much for this! I wanna try anal with my bf for the first time and I’m scared as shit his dick will be covered in my shit 0_0 I’m deffinately trying this. Btw you sound so awesome, like, I literally love you after reading this XD

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