Don’t you just hate Sundays?

Is it a slow day or what? I’m supposed to be doing things but god, I am SOOOOOOOOOO fucking bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And lazy. And my mind is totally blank. For real. It’s like, I can’t function at all!!

I love Tyra!! Talk to me. Entertain me. Give me something to keep me occupied.

[Edit: Do you think I won this year's Bloggies? They're announcing the winners tomorrow. Isn't the Bloggies the Oscars of blogging chu chu bells whatever? Y'all should've voted for me during the voting period. I mean come on, I deserve to win, oui? If that ungrateful cow Jennifer Hudson (GO TEAM TALLEY GO!) won an Oscar then surely cunts like me deserve one too, yes? God I'm excited!! Better luck next time if I lost. In my eyes however, I'm 100% a WINNER. God I'm soo full of myself. I love it. I fucking love it! I really do.]