Do you believe in magic?

Written By bryanboy

Do you believe in magic?

One word: fabulous!

OK. Enough playing with the liquify function. I promise I won’t play with it again, I swear. Snap snap reality. But isn’t the above photo fabulous? Imagine if you’re NATURALLY that thin and can manage to swallow fat crepes smothered in liquid chocolate and cream and still remain skinny? It’s 12:39PM and all I had today is corn (as in real corn) and two cups of coffee for breakfast. I’ll skip lunch and opt for a venti americano at Starbucks instead. I’m gonna run some errands in a bit, go to the bank, deposit some checks, pay my mastercard, yaddi yaddi yadda.

God I hate getting old. And to think, I’m turning 17 in 9 days!!!


  1. this is how my friends looked when they were dying from AIDS-related wasting in the early 80’s. is that how u really wanna look bb?

  2. omg. even the skinniest model in the world isn’t that thin. i mean, if u are THAT thin, then u myt as well take off ur skin and internal organs.. hehe.
    anyways, 17? yea ryt bb… hehehe.

  3. If you have to photoshop your arms into sticks you might as well do your thighs too because they don’t match. You’re beginning to look scary.

  4. Thin is IN. Skinny is so seriously hot….so fuck all you haters, you are jealous cuz you are CHUNKY and FLESHY….

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