Damn you Simon!

Written By bryanboy

Damn you Simon!

Oh god. It’s like 2:16AM here and my buddy Simon from the UK just called me to ask a few questions. I’m still groggy.

And he totally ruined my drug-induced haze. I’ve set my alarms to wake me up like an hour and a half from now!!!!

I’m crawling back to bed. I need my beauty sleep!!!!! Betch I hate you LOL.


  1. What’s the time difference between Philippines and Brazil?? Because its stil afternoon mach 1 here =S
    kisses =*

  2. sinkasinka

    hey bryanboy is your friend simon gay too? I ve been tryin to get hold of some ice inlondon but ppl keep telling me it’s mostly found in gayclubs here. which is wierd when i was in Singapore it was much easier to find ice than cokacola(wink)
    anyway love u love u love u >(*^*)<

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