Calling the attention of Kamiseta…

I went to the mall yesterday afternoon to send something via DHL. On my way back, I saw a cute little tee on the shop window at Kamiseta, a popular Filipino "high street" chain amongst third world teenage girls with clothes (and pricing) similar to my perennial favourite, Delia’s.

I have to admit I haven’t been there in the longest time. I’m actually surprised they have nice things. I fucking love it. You know, a few tees here and there, yaddi yaddi yadda, things you can wear in the house or when you get your nails done. Anyway, I’m (sorta kinda but not really secretly) trying to collect as many yellow things as possible so when I saw the thing, I thought, buy buy buy! So buy buy buy I did. Along with a few other tees. The clothes are ridiculously cheap, like US$8-US$10 for a tee!!

Imagine the shock and horror this morning when I found out this morning that there’s a bloody label at the bottom of EACH AND EVERY tee — right on the OUTSIDE! The inside label is already big enough let alone put another label on the outside.

Will the powers that be explain the reasoning behind this? Why the double labels? Is this some sort of a branding strategy I’m not aware of?