Breaking News: Adios, Hedi Slimane.

Written By bryanboy

Breaking News: Adios, Hedi Slimane.

This just in: bye bye cho cho san for Hedi Slimane and bonjour Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme!

Oh nooooooo! Is manorexia over? The man responsible for manorexia and underfed caucasian boys in fashion is now being dumped by the powers that be at LVMH! Whyyyy? Does anyone know why??? He was doing such a great job at Dior Homme, no?

First it was Yves Saint Laurent… then Dior Homme. I bet you my obese brown ass Karl Lagerfeld will adopt him under his wing. Men’s Chanel? No? What do you think?


  1. bryangirl

    OH MY GOD!
    kris van assche is good, but his designs are too manly. Dior homme cant go non-skinny!
    jadore hedi slimane
    jadore dior homme
    jadore manorexia!

  2. Nooooooooo!!! How can they do this?? Heidi Slimane has become a fashion icon, his styles transformed mens fashion dramatically in just a few years. WTF. I’m so sad right now Bryan, seriously, why? BTW you’re douching post was hilarious. I hate boys that don’t know how to wash up, its so disgusting.

  3. berlinese

    FUCK THAT!…thank god i got myself some dior homme glasses and a pair of sneakers from the last collection… seriously…he was IT

  4. On a different subject matter but still related to fashion, your fashionable icon’s spread/article in W magazine is already out. It’s in the April 2007 issue with Kirsten Dunst on the cover. Hope you get a copy soon.

  5. Yipppeee

    Heidi Slimane is such a poser! All he ever did was rip off the ideas of Raf Simons and commercialize them. Eww. Lagerfeld should drop him coldheartedly like he dropped Jeremy Scott back in the day. Karl doesn’t do losers! Ha, Little Heidi is so stupid, who did he think was going to buy his overpriced 12year olds only stuff? A true cool dude goes to a thrift shop. A dude with enough money HATES Heidi’s lil’ outfits. Figure it out Heidi.

  6. beoethan

    Oh thank god. Now 90% of men in the world can realistically get into a pair of Dior Homme jeans without looking like a shrimp in a condom.

  7. diorella

    Apparently Slimane and the higher-ups at LVMH couldn’t agree on terms during the negotiations for them to support a new Hedi Slimane solo label.
    Actually I wouldn’t be suprised if Lagerfeld takes him on. I mean he’s been putting men on the Chanel runways so much now, it’s only natural they get Chanel Homme off and running.
    Personally I can’t wait till Riccardo Tisci’s contract with Givenchy ends. I’m so tired of his doom and gloom aesthetic already….

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