Apparently, this is going to be me in 10 years.

Written By bryanboy

Apparently, this is going to be me in 10 years.

No, not Carrie silly, but the fat Asian woman with the foul mouth. According to Guus from the Netherlands, who emailed me a month ago (sooooorrry babe for only catching up with my emails just now) saying…

"As a dedicated and thankful reader of your blog, I felt like I had to do something back. Sooo, I uploaded this cute scene from Sex and the City to YouTube, and I thought the bitchy attitude and factor of hilariousness would fit your blog. (In fact I just happened to upload it and THEN thought of you, but who cares! HAHA)  Anyway, if you want to view and perhaps share my little video, it’s right here."

Aww how sweet. =) Shiiiiiit oh my gawdddd am I really gonna be just like that — a Margaret Cho clone? I love Margaret Cho with all my heart, I think she’s fabulous and hilarious but come on, I really don’t want to be fat.

What am I talking about? I’m already fat and I’ve got a toxic mouth. I love it though. I fucking love it!

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