Anna Nicole Smith: Necrophiliac's Wet Dream – CADAVER PHOTOS HERE!!!

Written By bryanboy

Anna Nicole Smith: Necrophiliac’s Wet Dream

Here’s a preview image.


Click click click!!!!!!!!!

Isn’t she a necrophiliac’s wet dream come true? I bet you a million dollars the coroners had a blast giving poor ol’ Anna Nicole all the internal combustion creampies she wanted. What a pretty face for a cadaver though. Honey, I want the shade of your lip gloss.

Photos courtesy of Radar!


  1. samantha

    could this be real? i want to see a direct link to where you got these pictures at.

  2. The pics are fake. Read the article – they’re “re-creations” (likely with a model and Photoshop) “based on witness accounts” blah blah. In other words, the National Enquirer is tricking people by putting the photo on the cover of the mag, but not telling them until the actual article inside that the photos aren’t real.

  3. Okay, whether these pics are fake or not.. Bryan, some lines you just don’t cross and this time you did. Not like you care what I have to say but for the love of god, she’s dead. The least you could do is to show her respect, you fucking moron :|

  4. robert

    i’m one of your biggest fans yet you crossed the lines when you talk/post horrible things about the death of anna nicole smith.. i know you sometimes put on a “show” for your readers but you will only lose readers with these kind of postings. it really makes me sick at the kind of person you “want” your readers to think you are… someone has died.. respect is the least you can do for someone when they pass.. it’s just fucked up bryan.. really fucked up..

  5. To everyone demanding respect for her because she’s dead… why? If someone dies, that shouldn’t earn them respect. Everyone dies. It’s not some honorable accomplishment to die. I’d have some respect if she died saving someone’s life or something, but she just died. No heroic sacrifice or anything like that. Besides, she’s dead, I doubt she cares what we say now, and I doubt her family reads the Enquirer. If they do, then they don’t deserve respect either.

  6. respect for a corpse? is this iron age or something? if you die, you become nothing but a bunch of tissues and cells. fuck corpses, how about respecting living people? that’s what really matters. besides, if this wasnt fake, what’d be so wrong about having sex with a dead body?

  7. FreddieFKR

    I would do the model posing as AN just like that, right in the fucking body bag.

  8. NecroSexual

    MMM, i would love to stick my warm cock into her rigormortis stiff rotting maggot infested pussy. i bet she has skin slippage right now, i would love to suck on her puss filled rotting fingers as i obliterate her pussy hole until all the rotting guts just spew all over my dick. the stench of a blistering molding body makes me cum!

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