Alluring Androgyny: Marjan Pejoski A/W 2007-2008 (High Heels for Men!)+ Bryanboy cameo on

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Alluring Androgyny: Marjan Pejoski Autumn/Winter 2007-2008


What should I call it? MEELS????? MEGGINGS AND MEELS — I FUCKING LOVE IT! First off, I totally take back on what I said about that male model on that tree-hugging tee show. I found a couple more pictures online and I made the conclusion that he’s not really that cute and he’s a little too ethnic-looking. With that being said, men are from mars, women are from venus and fabulous boys like you and me should really start wearing high heels! WTF, that didn’t make any sense but whatevs. Hahahaha!

Photo credit: Jair Sfez/Marjan Pejoski

I’m sure y’all know by now that meggings/men’s leggings are all the rage in Milan this fall. I’m a big proponent, not to mention a lifetime supporter of brilliant and beautiful gender-bending things, all for the sake of freedom of self-expression. Well, wait till you see these photos — this is WAYYY better than gawking at me and my friends’ new favourite site, Cumintomyass. DO NOT CLICK ON IT UNLESS YOU’RE AT HOME. THAT SITE IS **NOT** SAFE FOR WORK.

Anyway, back to Marjan. If you don’t know who he is, Marjan Pejoski designed Bjork’s fabulous swan dress at the Oscars.

Back in the dark ages, I used to snap up a lot of his creations like mad. He made all these beautiful, beautiful beaded tops.

I even got into one of his shows in London. If I’m not mistaken, it was the Fall/Winter 2001 show. I was lucky enough to get invited in spite of the fact that I’m not a member of the fash pack/press/buyer.

No seats reserved for me though. I’ll tell you a funny story. When I got out of the car, I walked straight to the doorman who asked if I’m one of the models. FOR REAL! HAHAHAHAHA! I’M NOT JOKING!!!! He didn’t even ask for an invite. I said, nope, I’m not a model. With a fugly face like mine, that doorman must’ve been utterly blind to think of me as a model! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID ME TOUGH!!!!!!!! He then asked for my invitation and he told me to fall in line. Apparently I’ve got a stand-in invitation. Plebs like me only get to stand somewhere in the room. Dammit, I should’ve said yes when he asked if I was a model! See… I told you guys… it really pays to be thin… and it pays to wear McQueen! Just kidding. HAHAHA! I swear to mother fucking god, I will do my damn best to get back to my 90-pound glory.

I even made friends with this crazy woman wearing a floor-length sable coat behind me on the queue. I had cigarettes, she had a lighter and bam wham bam. LOL.

Anyway, it really wasn’t that bad. I had a standing position alright but I was on the third row! LOL. The crazy thing was, I was standing RIGHT ACROSS THE PHOTOGRAPHERS’ AREA throughout the entire show so for 15 or so minutes, those damn photographers were taking photos of me — in addition to the models! HAHAHAHA!  It was a totally surreal experience and I’ll never forget it — TONS AND TONS AND TONS of photographers screaming at the models to look at their direction/preen/pose/stop/etc.

Photo credit:

Look at all the photos on and you’ll see my fat ass there. Not just one photo but many, many, many more! Hahahaha! My ultimate, ultimate, ultimate dream however is to be on the front row of any Galliano or Karl Lagerfeld show. I’ll keep on dreaming. Like hell that’s gonna happen anyway.

I also went to the McQueen show at that time but I’m not telling whose cock I sucked in order to get in. Haha. Just joking!!!!!!!!!!! Soo pathetic. LOL.

Enough tales from the crypt. Point is, I love, love, love Marjan Pejoski’s new menswear collection!!

These are my favourite looks. I got all these photos from Marjan’s fall/winter 2007-2008 lookbook which you can download on his website.

Here’s a couple more looks. Don’t you just looooooove the heels? I think I’m not gonna be shy in wearing my heels in public.

Me? Shy? Hah!

Photo credit: Jair Sfez/Marjan Pejoski

I think it’s about time for me to wear high heels more often. What do you think? MORE MORE MORE LOVELY photos from my recent pictionary primetime/black + white.

Words cannnot describe the power one feels when they’re wearing high heels. You just feel tall, proud and confident. High heels also give you a different kind of high voltage attitude…

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I love you all!


  1. high heels! high heels! all hail high heels!!!
    and manorexia too!!

  2. MANOREXIA!!! Love it! Hahaha… You look divalicious as always!!! Work it baby, work it! Btw the model looks like Kiera!

  3. Whats the name of the model for those meels? Does anyone know?? Youre a beautiful man Bryanboy i love your heels on those last 3 pictures. Love itt!!

  4. Whats the name of the model for those meels? Does anyone know?? Youre a beautiful man Bryanboy i love your heels on those last 3 pictures. Love itt!!

  5. Funny – I HATED that swan dress on Bjork but it looked kind of good on that model. Proportion is everything – the dress on Bjork just chewed her up and swallowed her because she’s so small, but on the long-legged, beautiful dark skinned model – Alek? – it was interesting.

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  7. Wendygrrl

    wow… luv the androngenous look…finally some fun stuff for males to the job of course..

  8. Wendygrrl

    a rad look for males.. I’d give it a go… maybe ballet flats instend of boots…

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