Top truffles

Written By bryanboy

Top truffles
Take it from Cher Horowitz. Remember that scene where she sent herself chocolates to make that cake boy Christian jealous? God. Over the years, I’ve sent myself chocolates and flowers with personalized notes coming from my "pretend boyfriend" just to make myself feel better. I’m sure you’ve sent yourself something worse. Don’t deny it. Everyone’s done it at one point.

If you’re single, like me, feed yourself with top truffles from Pierre Marcolini. I love, love, love them. My English muscle mary Alex told me about them a few years ago. When I went to Moscow in 2005, I survived for almost three weeks on nothing but take-away from Fauchon and Pierre Marcolini truffles.

A box of 9 will set you back US$23.25 but if I were you, go for the Dégustation set (25 pcs) for US$68.75. Go right ahead and indulge yourself. Purging is your best friend.

Truffle Assortment @ Pierre Marcolini

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