Somebody loves the little children…

Written By bryanboy

Somebody loves the little children.

I’ve been wasting away precious time on MySpace and looking lookie at what I found during a random search.His name is Roy, he’s a poofter, he’s British, he’s 18 and he recently spent a lot of time in the Philippines on what looks like "volunteering" type of work that first world white trash youth do during gap years on their spare time. You know what I mean and I’m sure you’ve seen them all over the place — scruffy white teens running around the cesspit of the third world, trying to do something good for the humanity or worse, try to save the world. It’s quite an interesting concept actually. I for one have considered giving this volunteering thing a try in Mongolia but Im soo scared I’d get stoned to death for showing up in a gold lame sweater and my old Dior eskimo boots.

Awww. so sweet eh? Quite a touching story you’ve got there, Roy. I wish you the best in your future. I hope you didn’t molest a brown ricer child such as myself.

My verdict: eradicate poverty. ERADICATE THE POOR! A couple of trucks of Zyklon-B (isn’t that the one they used in Auschwitz) and a massive gas chamber should do the trick.

I’m kidding!!!!

I love the poor children too! They don’t call me Miss Third World for nothing.

Just raising awareness that’s all. If you’re Flip and you’re reading this entry, it means that like me, you’re sooo lucky and blessed to be even reading my blog, have access to the internet in the first place. Count your blessings and share some of them to the less fortunate — discreetly.

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I love you all!


  1. yea..i love this still has the bryanboy bitchiness but very touching as well..good job..

  2. i so say the same thing always: eradicate poverty, eradicaste the poor, imelda for president!

  3. aW BB, i think ThiS iS The SWEeTesT enTRy
    yoU PosTeD..
    moRe PoWeR BRYANBOY!!

  4. Amazing post! This is the side of you that I like – – the wit in your writing and the sensitivity behind it.
    More power – – and yes, discreetly.

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