Snejana Onopka: I'm bringin' sexy back!

Written By bryanboy

Snejana Onopka: I’m bringin’ sexy back!

I love her. I really do. She’s the apple of my eye. For now at least. Hahaha! She skipped the New York collections alright but I’m glad she’s back in Milan. According to New York magazine, rumor has it that she’s "difficult to work with". Whatevs. Milan and Paris are more important (and interesting) than New York anyway.

Photo credit: (Snejana for Burberry Prorsum)

BTW, super photographer Sonny emailed me this article about Snejana. She talks!!!!

IMO, I think we’ve seen far too many "nice and sweet" models already. Haven’t you noticed? This is the reason why we no longer have SUPERMODELS. I don’t know what goes on in the modelling world but I say bring back models with personality — models who are "difficult to work with".

Fuck these eating disorder scandals.

We want models who throw cellphones at their staff. We want models who snort a thick line right before they open the show. We want models who whinge and whine about not getting high heels in the most irritating, nails-on-the-chalkboard voice ever (think Linda @ Unzipped). We want models who WORK IT LIKE THEY FUCKING OWN IT… WALK THE WALK AND TALK THE FUCKING TALK, drunken bonanzas, I’ll only get out of bed for at least $100,000 and crystal meth extravaganzas!!!

OMG She looks like a doll! Sooo pretty!!!!

Photo credit: (Snejana for Roberto Cavalli)

What’s also interesting is how models these days take a little break when their career reached a ‘peak’. Case in point: Gisele. There was a time when she was on the cover of every fucking Vogue and opened every fucking show in the western world. One or two seasons later, bitch took a break and ran off with Leonardo The-crap-eeew-yo.

Then she’s gone. Bitch only did what… a Dolce show here and there?

Photo credit: (Snejana for D&G)

Same thing applied to Daria. Bitch had it all going for her then she disappeared from the runways.

What is it anyway? Fear of overexposure? Bah. I say bring it on! There really is no thing such as overexposure.


Photo credit: (Snejana for Pringle of Scotland)

Photo credit: (Snejana for Alberta Ferreti)

Bring on the drugs! Bring on the scandals! Bring on the controversies! If it’s good for Kate Moss, it’s good enough for you!

I’m kidding.

Snejana, good luck with your career. The world needs a SUPERMODEL!


  1. Dior_Bitch

    you are ridiculous!!!bring on the drugs? i agree models do need a good scandal here and there but damn!and yes models are supposed to be divas!!!!wow she does look like a doll

  2. fashionista

    the biggest reason girls like Gisele and Daria are off the runways: they got too expensive for what they can bring to the catwalk.
    ever since Daria became the darling of Lancome, not to mention heading several campaigns for notable designers, her show rate went up astronomically…and despite being the face of the young, the hip, and the now; she ain’t Naomi i.e. she can’t bring as much attention to a runway that the malevolent phone wielding wanna be cage fighter can…hence she’s hardly ever booked for the catwalk.

  3. I love Snejana Onopka so much…she’s the prettiest model to me…very sexy and sophisticated,smart and a very fine-looking face…she’s really good and jolly when answering questions while being interviewed with some fashion shows backstage..yeah..she is witty :))
    I Love You Snej

  4. daisy wakelin

    also she has an amazing face its so different and gorgeous i have pictures of her all over my room she is sooooo pretty it annoys me cos i wanna look like her soooo much i hope shes in more mags very soon i also think jessica stam is amazing and gemma ward love to be in there shoes
    but i wish them all luck
    good luck beautys x x x x x xx

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