Slut of the day: Jack Brennan

We like our boys skeletal, super thin and on the verge of dying here at I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again but the days of the Muscle Mary are soo totally over. Save the Marcus Schenkenberg and Johnny Bravo Abercrombie and Hitch lookie-likies to the bumfuck North American gay community, who are soo totally blind and clueless and whose idea of beauty is someone who thrives on steroids and backne.

Take it from Brit Jack Brennan, one of Hedi’s long-time sex slaves at Dior Homme.

Remember kids: thin will always be in and manorexia is here to stay. We want boys who look like girls, girls who look like teenage boys, we want long limbs, sharp edges, sharp arms, extremely visible ribs, fantastic bone structure, faces soo emaciated bones are sticking out. That, my friends, is truly fabulous.

Gorgeous eh? Salivate mother fuckers!