Slut of the day: Guido Palau

Written By bryanboy

Slut of the day: Guido Palau

Guido the hairstylist. I love this guy. He’s done hair for a lot of the designers on their shows. I think he’s adorable. Plus his accent. Soo British, sooo gay, sooo extremely camp, sooo sexy.

I wanna feel all that facial hair rub against my ass when he licks the back of my balls and get his tongue slide up and down my ass crack. Exfoliation galore!

What is up with my hair obsession as of late? Ugh! Does anyone know whether or not Guido’s got a hairy chest? I’m curious. That’s all.

All screencaps came from the Fendi S/S 2007 video from ModTV. I love their video podcasts!

Listen to him talk….

I searched on google and saw this on The Sartorialist.

Here’s one from Oooh daddy does thinspiration!

I love, love, love him!

Maybe he should do my hair. What do you think?

Only in my dreams I guess hahaha.

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