Slut of the day: SNEJANA ONOPKA

I really don’t know why she vanished from the face of the NYC shows… let’s just hope she’s gonna make an appearance in Milan and Paris. Those chubby chasers should seriously drop their act.

I found these beautiful, beautiful photos of Snejana yesterday evening and boy you’re in for a treat. Those photos are nothing on these backstage photos. You know, I actually prefer backstage photos than the runway ones because they, too me, are "real". It’s nice to see all the world’s most beautiful girls wear the world’s most beautiful clothes do "real" things like get their hair fixed, get their makeup done, etc.

She’s sooo sweet!!!!!!


Here’s another hottie… Inguna Butane! Love, love, love her too! Those arms!!!

I would turn straight just for these two.

No, wait. I’ll do anything just to be one of these two.

That’s better.




I love how she made that other girl in the back look like an Amazonian drag queen.

I laughed when I saw this photo. Only Snejana can make Natasha Poly look like a WHALE!!!!

Is she beautiful or what?

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I love you all!