Slut of the day: SNEJANA ONOPKA

Written By bryanboy

Slut of the day: SNEJANA ONOPKA

I really don’t know why she vanished from the face of the NYC shows… let’s just hope she’s gonna make an appearance in Milan and Paris. Those chubby chasers should seriously drop their act.

I found these beautiful, beautiful photos of Snejana yesterday evening and boy you’re in for a treat. Those photos are nothing on these backstage photos. You know, I actually prefer backstage photos than the runway ones because they, too me, are "real". It’s nice to see all the world’s most beautiful girls wear the world’s most beautiful clothes do "real" things like get their hair fixed, get their makeup done, etc.

She’s sooo sweet!!!!!!


Here’s another hottie… Inguna Butane! Love, love, love her too! Those arms!!!

I would turn straight just for these two.

No, wait. I’ll do anything just to be one of these two.

That’s better.




I love how she made that other girl in the back look like an Amazonian drag queen.

I laughed when I saw this photo. Only Snejana can make Natasha Poly look like a WHALE!!!!

Is she beautiful or what?

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I love you all!


  1. she isnt doing shows this season because i heard eather
    a) she has a HUGE cosmetics contract in asia that pays more than all of the shows so she skipped out, not to overexpose herself (she is only 3 seasons old)
    b) shes such a diva/bitch no one booked her and no one wants to work with her so she went back to the ukraine in shame
    but shes in a new W editorial

  2. Nina D' Lizard

    HEY, HEY, HEY, no blog regarding Valentine’s Day?? BB does not have a valentino????? No activities with amigas??? Nothing??????? Now, that’s sad.

  3. latreesha

    This creature looks dead. Are you keepin’ it real? This photos made me throw up. The fashion should have more curvy woman like moi. Mah ass rocks, bitches! LaTreesha Forevah~!

  4. i havent visited your site in awhile. Mukhang pababa ka na ng pababa ah. You’re getting less and less interesting and original everytime i visit this site. Pati comments minomonitor mo na, tamo wala ka na tuloy ma-post. Reality ey, nalalaos ka na. Hope you enjoyed your 15 seconds of fame. Take care now.

  5. zaaaahling,I don`t know why are you not hired by VOGUE…like every great fashion editor,you`ve got the knack for trends,you breathe fashion and acquiring latest Fendi bad nurtures you more than having 3 meals a day(yuck,glutony!!!!!)…that`s all…love from Toronto

  6. christine

    what on earth is she wearing in that first picture? yuck.
    thinspiration is one thing but she crosses the fine line from streamlined beauty into emulating tree branches or wire clothes hangers. she’s not skinny OR thin – she’s downright skeletal. it’s kind of creepy.

  7. well, no offence meant but i think Snejana looks really old in the second last picture. maybe it’s just a bad picture taken.

  8. Snejana has a beatiful face. But I do think that she is too skinny. She might be smaller next to Natasha Poly, but her face has no glow. The last 3 pics, the face is lifeless. She looks tired. But fabulous of course.
    She’s not seen all over fashion week definitely because of the weight factor.On a Ukrainian television show which aired early September, Snejana got on a pair of scales and it reads 45kg. And her height is 175 cm, thus her BMI, 14.7.

  9. I love you and sometimes I just stop wanting to repeat myself by saying “oh, bryanboy, i love you,” even if every post gives them that oh so loving feeling. but the first time I read this site, I loved it very much which wasn’t but awhile ago. I am so self-indulgent that i forget about other people’s indulgences in life, but then i come back here not wanting to forget that indulgent feeling. my humble opinion, New York needs you in that place to tell them your ideas on fashion, b/c you are SOMEBODY WITH FASHION. You’re criticism(if they can even be called that b/c you’re opinions are just a positive light) of fashion is not just fun to read but true!! I come here and I am refreshed by you. keep it going… bryanboy, i love you.

  10. yanee`fashioneee

    bryanboy! hey I love that last photo, natasha and snejana looked uber-fabuloux! haha however, i really do think that she’s waaaay too thin but i find it totally UNFAIR for her to be cast out from fashion shows. owel… for as long as Caroline Trentini is still there then, everythings good and uber-fabuloux! she’s my THINspiration. and… er, CURVEeeespiration. LOVES HER!

  11. hahah oh my god i love your commentary. i laugh so hard…well in my head. and i agree, snejana can make anyone look like a whale. she will probably make my grandma look like a whale.

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