Singapore: Lime Magazine OUT NOW!

Written By bryanboy

Singapore: Lime Magazine OUT NOW!

I just looooooooooooove corrupting the minds of Asian youth. If you’re in sexy Singapore, BE SURE to get hold of the latest copy (March 2007) of Lime Magazine, a cool mag rag for Singapore’s super youth! My interview is finally out — a few things here and there got cropped out — gotta love the censors but what the heck, the third world’s favourite fag made a little appearance in Singapore! I’m HONORED! Bryanboy loves LIME! Meedja whore galore. LOL.

Click here to download a PDF scan of the page.

Help me keep the spirit of faggotry alive! Are you a member of the press and would like to feature me in your publication? Pick my brain (I’m warning you though, I only have 2 brain cells) and shoot me an email. My email address is or call/sms +63.915.785.1492.


  1. So you do have some sense after all LOL. I think you are great. Thanks for being real with them. You are FABULOUS!

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