Second Life: My new home

Written By bryanboy

Second Life: My new home

Ok.. I have a new home!!!!  I hope I don’t get evicted off the residential development because my house looks wayyy different than everyone else.

I need to figure out how to get a job there. I can’t "cheat" the system by spending real life money in exchange for Second Life money. LOL.

God it’s soo addictive. I think you should join, too. It’s free to join — all you need is a high speed internet connection. I don’t think people with dialup or dsl can use it… I’m not sure… it’s optimized for people with broadband. Whatevs. Anyway… see you there!

Email me and tell me you love me! My email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492. I love you all, as always!

P.S. I am soooo sorry for not blogging ‘properly’ because I’m seriously hooked on this shit. Blah… in all honesty though I shouldn’t be fucking apologising to you because it’s my blog. Hahaha! But yeah, there you have it… Second Life is the SHITTTTTTT!


  1. My username is “Bryanboy Soderberg”
    Didn’t you read my last entry? :P
    Bryanboy Soderberg
    200 W. Fritz Avenue
    Marston Region

  2. Bryanboy! Have you seen the latest Vuitton ad? Just came home from SF and bought magazines and there it was… your infamous pose again! you should have your pose patented or something!

  3. Once you get into a new game you’re pretty much sucked in trying to get it all great and stuff, whether it’d be your character or in your case, a house. Welcome to the world of gaming. :P

  4. I LUVV second life!! I just bought some land and a new huge mansion..not to mention the shopping! I even attended a fashion show there…it’s so addictive…

  5. hello bryan sweetie
    was that YOU i saw in singapore a few days ago? if not i thought i better let you know there is was a bb impersonator carrying a gucci shopping bag at suntec!
    tim :*

  6. Happy belated Valentines Day! I love SL too. Could not locate the Marston region though. Look me up I’m “Phillip Gateaux” and I’m in CZESTATES Olai.

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