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AnnanicoleRest in Peace: ANNA NICOLE SMITH

Ding dong the blond is dead. Just saw this on CNN. Don’t ask me why I’ve got CNN on TV at fucking 5:23AM. I thought she only collapsed.

I guess she ended up overdosing on drugs. Suicide, most likely. How tragic. And to think, she recently just gave birth.

Either way, may you rest in peace, Anna.


  1. Anna was an iconic for people who wanted dreams in their lives, Anna came from a poor state house life but look what a glorious and famous person she became, She’s a note for everyone of all class, just because your poor or have been doesn’t mean you can’t make it in life.
    Bless her soul, RIP
    Dakota ox ox ox

  2. I never much cared to hear anything about her and her bizarre circus life, but it’s definitely sad to hear when any human being dies that young… and leaves a child behind. Rest in peace, indeed.

  3. omg,,,
    i just cant believe it!!
    the gorgeous blonde has died!
    and Im waiting for the next blonde, the filthy rich ass Paris Hilton to get drunk and died for a munchy munchy blowjob on the throat!! :P:D
    babooshh B!

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