Postcard from Copenhagen: Life is a runway

Written By bryanboy

Postcard from Copenhagen: Life is a runway

My Swedish boy toy Jakob (remember him?) just got back from Copenhagen and sent me this photo of the place we stayed at before. He didn’t have a lot of words to say but what he said makes perfect sense: "a reminder".

Bah. Memories and all. Fuck that shiyeeeeeeet.

The first thing I saw are the "life is a…. life is a runway!" posters.

Copenhagen Fashion Week baby.

Haha! I’m so bad.

How very true.

How very true.

P.S. Citizens of kangaroo land Melbourne, Australia… don’t forget to tune it to Melbourne Runway at SYN 90.7 FM later this afternoon between 2PM – 4PM Australian Eastern Time to listen to my weekly Monday radio cameo appearance (for several minutes) yaddi yaddi yadda. You’ll find out later this afternoon who I called a "bull dyke".

If you live outside Australia, visit and click on the "Listen to live stream now" link on that page on Monday, 2PM – 4PM Australian Eastern Time. Unfortunately, you’re on your own as far as figuring out the time difference yaddi yaddi yadda.


  1. bb, those guys in the copenhagen pix look so skanky. where did u find them, @ the train station? i guess u like them gamy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. brandnynew

    i figure it out the time 10pm NY time to hear your radio show, but i was listening to the music prior to your show and really sucks!
    since you are so “stylish” or whatever fashion victim, i thought you would be in a hip-happening stations.
    xx bryanboy*

  3. Hey Bryan! I just listened to you in the radio on the internet, you were hilarious I really enjoyed your participation in the show. But you did sounded a little nervous or maybe it was just me but i loved it
    wILL you talk every monday?

  4. Copenhagen has always been a fun city… a nice and busy nightlife! You should go there sometime Bryan, or maybe you’ve been there already??

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